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I have many personal goals that I would like to achieve. Some of the goals are centered on work, such as doing my current job better, gaining a promotion, and getting a bigger raise. Some goals involve getting good grades, keeping up with homework, and finally getting my degree. However, the most important goals I have involve my family and personal time. I have come to realize that it is necessary for me to achieve my school and work goals these achievements will require hard work and a lot of late nights, but if I am going to positively influence and have more time together with my kids, and the financial ability to retire young I need to make these goals a reality.

Personal Goals

For the last couple of years I have been putting off coming back to school because I did not believe that I had enough time, I liked my current job, I already had too many after work activities, and I thought that college was for people younger than me. Recently, however, I have come to realize that I want a promotion, I can not afford all my after work activities, and my fourteen year old thinks that she might not need to go to college because I did not go. If I want to retire early I need to make and save more money. So, I have given some thought to all of this, and decided that I need to get serious about making my goals a reality.

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My first goal is to finally get my Bachelor degree. I first started college in 185, and I have used just about every excuse available not to complete my studies. I have let my fears get in the way of my success at school. In the past, I felt that I did not have enough time to work and go to school. I got married and then had kids, and did not want to miss time with my family. I now realize that all the things that caused me to put off school are still real and will never go away, however, I need the degree more than ever because my employer no longer promotes people to managerial positions without a Bachelor degree in Business, so I will stay in school this time and have my degree in two years time.

I am concerned about my writing and oral skills. Writing this paper has been difficult for me because it has been so many years since I have had to do something like this. I will have to get much faster at putting my thoughts on paper, since I am sure that the papers are going to get more difficult. I think that I will learn a lot from the other two members of my learning team; they seem to have more confidence than I do, and I hope that some of their optimism rubs off on me.

My second goal is to be promoted to a Production Manager position with my job. I have worked there for thirteen years five years as a mechanic and as a team leader for the last eight. I really enjoy my job, but I would like new challenges. My employer intends to begin hiring at our facility next spring, and I know that this will create new opportunities for advancement by the end of 004. Therefore, I plan to be ready to compete for these opportunities. I believe that this promotion will give me more job satisfaction, a forum to come up with and implement good ideas, less fear of layoffs, and obviously more money. In addition to education, I have been seeking advice and mentoring from managers at work, I also have been volunteering for assignments that will stretch my abilities.

The reason that finishing school and advancements at work matters to me is that my real goals involve life after Work. I want to be debt free and financially able to retire by the time I am 55. I guess it is possible that I will love my job so much that I don’t want to leave, but I sure look forward to the day that I work by choice instead of necessity. I want to travel more, and stay away longer. I also want to build a retirement home with my own hands. I want to design something original, and then build the entire thing by myself.

Since my children moved with their mother to Texas, I do not get to spend nearly enough time with them. We speak on the phone every other day, but it is not the same as being together. I hope that by achieving my goals, I will be able to set a good example for them, and inspire them to set high goals for themselves.

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