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The March revolution of 117 took Lenin (Vladimir Ilych’s pen name) by surprise however this did not stop him from getting a safe and secure passage to Russia with the help of the German government in a sealed train. Lenin took up the Bolshevik movement and the banner ‘peace, bread and land’. Though neither Lenin nor his policies were widely supported this was essentially the start of Lenin’s political power and influence within Russia.

There are two main policies that are associated with Lenin’s rule of Russia. The first was the policy of ‘War Communism’ (which took place from 117-11) the other was the N.E.P or ‘New Economic Policy’. How did war communism come to being in Russia? The impact of World War One and the Civil War had severe consequences on the Russian economy. In order to deal with the devastating effects the post war era, the Bolsheviks decided that total control of production was going to be necessary, however to do so there would have to be nationalization of land, forests, minerals, transport, trade, banking and even insurance. In other words remove the old capitalist system. All factories and workshops as well as land were nationalized.

The ‘War Communism’ did not last very long and did not help Russia’s situation much, Lenin was even forced to accept an emergency loan from the U.S.A. Since ‘War Communism’ had failed, Lenin compromised and forged a mixture of the capitalist and communist/socialist systems, this new policy was called the New Economic Policy (N.E.P). The N.E.P did not immediately get results but in the long term the changes were significant.

There is also Lenin’s political policy to consider, the first constitution came into being in July 118 and known as the Soviet Socialist Republic, however this only applied to the central piece of Russia (ie where the country was under direct Communist rule). Why was this? For the simple reason that the Bolsheviks, Moscow and the Kremlin were regarded as being illegitimate. Eventually though, in 1 White Russia, Ukraine, and the Trans-Caucasian independent Soviet Republics agreed to unite with the Communist Republic and establish the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R). Also in 1 a constitution with a federal structure was put in place. This meant that the Federal Government had the power of veto over the legislation of the individual republics. It also meant that Russia was working as a one party state and any opposition politically was quickly suppressed, freedom of the Press or of speech was also suppressed and prohibited.

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In 1, the first of three strokes got to Lenin, it all but incapacitated him, although he made a partial recovery he could not put all his attention into the running of the government, finally in 14 he died in the village of Gorky. While Lenin was not much of a philosopher he was a brilliant strategist and he guided the Bolsheviks to seize power and to keep that newly gained power.

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