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When the phrase, “love conquers all” comes to mind, most people take comfort in such a proposition. However, in Chopin’s, The Awakening, the conquering powers of love are precisely the problem. There are hundreds of stories, Joan of Arc for example, where people die for the love of an idea or an object. There are still several stories�Romeo and Juliet�where the person dies over the proposition of not being able to be with the person whom she loves. Yet The Awakening marks a new chapter in international social history with the whimsical succumbing to and infidelity, the independence and disobedience of a woman toward her husband, and the absence of a society that condemns such behavior. Pretty remarkable for 180. Pretty predictable for 00. It had to start somewhere.

There have been countless affairs, back to the Ancient Romans and before or even more recently in books such as The Scarlet Letter. Interestingly, in this book the erers are neither caught nor even slightly reproached for their licentious behavior. In addition, Edna’s and Alcee Arobin based their affair on . Arobin had a reputation for his seduction of several women, and Edna’s thoughts were clearly about Robert. Seen as almost commonplace today, a woman has started a physical relationship to ease the pain and longing for the man who is her true love. Oh yeah, and she also has a husband. Fortunately, he is the only one who keeps a level head throughout the story, although his prioritizing of business over family makes him an obvious and perhaps worthy candidate for an infidel spouse. Wait, but isn’t it wrong for Edna to love anyone but her husband? Isn’t ery of any kind one of the most despicable acts imaginable? Ah, now it is clear where the “independent woman” debate got its origin.

A woman of Edna’s social status should know that when her husband commands her to get off the hammock and go inside, she had better do so at once. What is this new insolence, erratic behavior, and wanting to get away from the kids. Apparently Edna did not care about her family too much except for the occasional, “passionate longings to be with her children.” Her relationship with her husband became almost professional. She respected and admired him, but clearly did not adore him. Perhaps her economic status relieved her of many household chores therefore depriving her of a true appreciation for her family. More likely, Edna realized that a woman’s sole purpose in life was not to raise a family. Such thinking was at least 80 years before its time.

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Perhaps the most glaring difference between any prior literatures was the strictness of the surrounding society. The characters in the book are free of religion. Victor, Robert, and Alcee are seemingly intent on capturing the hearts of all the women that they encounter. Leonce is a man devoid of jealousy to the point where he trusts his wife to be hanging out in the company of several men. Of course, he would not have been happy to know about her affairs, but would not have killed her, Robert, or Alcee upon finding out. Mademoiselle Reisz, knows about Edna’s love for Robert, and symbolizes the release of intense emotions by her beautiful piano playing. Even Madame Ratignolle, the na├»ve, beautiful, and seemingly perfect wife, mother and friend, would not have turned her back on Edna had she realized the truth about Robert.

It is refreshing to read a book that deals with the true conflicts of love and without classic storybook ending. The lesson of the story is the struggle and the worth of life without the possibility of true love. Does life go on when you cannot be with the one you love? According to Kate Chopin, the answer is no. Either way, sociologists, lovers, and cynics continue the lifelong debate of love’s role in society. The Awakening merely opened a new argument in which the absence of a true lover can be crippling. No matter a person’s belief, one thing is certain. The Awakening has reshaped the role of men, women, and interpersonal relationships for today and the many years to come. It seems as if love has conquered another thing, society.

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