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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel describing the spirit of the 10s, the difference between social classes, and the past’s role in one’s dreams for the future. F. Scott Fitzgerald brilliantly showcases an array of characters who lie, cheat and deceive one another. This group of characters epitomizes the class distinction between the old rich who live in East Egg, the new rich who live in West Egg and the slums who live in the valley of ashes- a gray industrial dumping ground between West Egg and New York City.

The novel’s narrator, Nick Carraway, is a man from Minnesota who ventures to New York in the summer of 1 to become a bondsman. He rents a house in West Egg, a district of Long Island where the unfashionable wealth resides. Nick is different from his neighbors since he has social connections in East Egg, which is where his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, and her husband, Tom, live. Fitzgerald begins his novel at a dinner party in Daisy Buchanan’s house, where Nick is introduced to Jordan Baker, a beautiful woman who Nick is attracted to immediately. Jordan Baker is a competitive golfer who is considered a “new woman” of the 10s- self centered and boyish. Jordan frequently bends the truth on various subjects. During the evening, Nick receives information from Jordan regarding his cousin’s marriage. He learns about Tom Buchanan’s affair with a woman named Myrtle Wilson, who lives in the valley of the ashes. Myrtle is an independent woman who is desperately trying to get ahead in life. In the same night, Nick gains knowledge about his infamous neighbor, Jay Gatsby, who hosts wild parties every Saturday night.

Some time after the dinner party, Nick finds himself in New York City with Tom and his lover, Myrtle. During his visit to the city, Nick is invited to a vulgar party at the apartment in which Tom keeps the affair. Heavy drinking is involved at the party and some arguments arise between the guests. At this party, the reader learns of Tom’s social attitudes which are laced with racism and sexism. Also, Tom expects those around him to live up to a certain moral code in which he obviously can not. For instance, Tom simply treats Myrtle as an object of his desire. Tom’s social attitude could be attributed to the incident in which Myrtle and Tom begin to argue about Daisy. Tom demands that Myrtle refrain from saying Daisy’s name, but Myrtle does not comply, so Tom breaks her nose.

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As the summer progresses, Nick finally receives an invitation to one of Gatsby’s legendary parties. Nick attends and he meets Jordan Baker there. While at the party, Nick finally meets his neighbor, Jay Gatsby- who asks to speak to Jordan alone. After this party, Jordan reveals to Nick many facets of Gatsby. Gatsby reveals that he knew Daisy in Louisville in 117 and is still in love with her. Instead of marriage, Gatsby had to fight in the war, but Daisy promised she would wait for him. But Daisy has a need to be loved, she married Tom, thus inspiring Gatsby to make millions of dollars through crime and lead an extravagant in an attempt to lure Daisy back to him.

Gatsby convinces Nick to invite Daisy over for tea, but Gatsby does not want her to know that he will be there. After an awkward meeting, Daisy and Gatsby rekindle their relationship and begin an affair in which Tom becomes suspicious of. Tom and Daisy attend one of Gatsby’s lavish parties, but come away unimpressed making Gatsby feel he never should have pursued Daisy again. However, Gatsby is reassured of Daisy’s love by Nick.

Later, Daisy hosts a dinner party for Tom, Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan. Tom notices the passionate looks Gatsby sends to Daisy and becomes infuriated. He begins to ask Gatsby probing questions about his personal life then suggests that all five of them go into the city. Gatsby and Daisy drive in Tom’s coupe, while Tom, Nick, and Jordan go in Gatsby’s car. As Tom drives along, he is constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure Gatsby has not turned down a side street taking Daisy out of his life forever, but they all arrive in the city together where a very heated argument ensues between Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy.

In this argument, truths of Gatsby’s personal life are finally told. Daisy learns that he in fact is not an “Oxford Man”, and that he made his millions through boot legging and gambling. Also, Daisy confesses her love for Gatsby, but their love seems to have peaked because she also confesses to Gatsby that she has loved Tom during their marriage. Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby become excited and they decide to leave the city and head back to East Egg, Gatsby and Daisy in Gatsby’s car, while the others drive Tom’s coupe.

As Gatsby and Daisy are driving home, they pass George Wilson, Myrtle Wilson’s husband, and his garage. George has suspected Myrtle of infidelity, so he kept her locked in the house before they move westward. Somehow, Myrtle escaped and was running towards Gatsby’s car, but Gatsby’s car struck her and killed her instantly. Gatsby and Daisy drive away frantically, hoping no one saw. George is now frantic and nearly comatose when speaking to police, while Tom, Nick, and Jordan arrive at the scene. Tom realizes that his Myrtle has been killed and sobs over her dead body. Tom speaks to George to make sure George knows Tom is not the culprit. George suspects whoever killed his wife was also her lover.

As Tom, Nick, and Jordan arrive back in East Egg, Nick learns from Gatsby that Daisy was the driver when the car struck Myrtle. Nick instantly thinks that Tom should never know because Tom would then suspect Daisy of knowing about his affair. As Gatsby waits for Daisy, Gatsby learns that he has been rejected since she never comes out of the house that night to speak to him. The next day, George heads off with his revolver to find whoever murdered his wife. George heads to Tom’s house first, where George learns of Jay Gatsby. George then heads straight to West Egg then kills Gatsby while Gatsby was in the swimming pool. Unable to live with the guilt of murder, George commits suicide and is deemed a mad man by authorities.

With Gatsby’s death, Nick struggles to find people to attend Gatsby’s funeral. The only person to attend was Gatsby’s father, Henry Gatz. With Gatz in West Egg, Nick learns more about Gatsby’s childhood and how he had plans for the future ever since he was a little boy. Also, Nick is fully aware of how Gatsby changed his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby to make himself more dignified. Nick also learns that most of Gatsby’s acquaintances were only using him as medium to climb the social ladder. After the funeral, Nick then cuts ties with Jordan since she now had a fiancee and no longer had feelings for Nick anymore.

On the surface, The Great Gatsby is a story of the thwarted love between a man and a woman, but the main theme is the disintegration of the American dream, which originally meant discovery, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness, in an era of unprecedented prosperity and material excess. The novel’s setting is after World War I when the generation of young Americans became disillusioned and greedy, while noble goals had little importance. Fitzgerald featured each of the social classes in each group of characters. For example, Nick and Gatsby were World War I veterans, so they represented the cynicism that resulted from the war. People who attended Gatsby’s parties were those who made greedy scrambles for wealth, thus corrupting the American dream. Daisy and Tom, East Egg residents, represented the established wealth, while residents of West Egg were the self made rich. Gatsby also represented the rise of organized crime and bootlegging that took place in the 10s.

The Great Gatsby will be a book that is forever used to analyze the 10s. This novel shows how the different social classes clashed together and how they resented each other. Also, money is used a motivator for most of the characters decisions, showing how corrupt this generation of Americans truly were. However, Fitzgerald’s descriptive sentences and interesting plot make this novel entertaining thus launching it into the long list of American classics that will be studied for the rest of time.

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