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Grade inflation could tremendously effect the American society in a negative way. It hurts not only the society as a whole, but it hurts the student receiving the undeserved grade. The society suffers from this because these students who do not work as hard as others in school that just get handed good grades; could be the ones running our businesses, local governments, and taking care of us as our physicians.

Let us say someone slides by in high school and college just because the teacher does not care and gives him a passing grade. What if this guy becomes a doctor? Would you want this person operating on you? Likewise, if someone that never did any work all throughout high school became a teacher, would you like them educating your children? This person did not care how he did in school, so why should he care how your child does?

When people just get handed their good grades through school without earning them, they tend to think they will not have to try hard at all to get through school. When this person gets a job, he will think that he will not have to work hard there either and could cause the company to lose a lot of money, time, and effort. These people not having to put in an effort at school to get good grades think they will get whatever they want in life just handed to them on a silver platter. They may think it’s their personality that the teachers like that will get them through school. It’s a whole different world once they get out of high school and they may actually realize that they should have put in an effort while they were in school. They may wish they had a better education.

Students receiving undeserved grades in high school could cost their college scholarships as well. They could get a scholarship just because of what their grade sheet says; but when they get into college, they could lose it because of their work ethic. Similarly, if a student makes good grades in high school, but fails in college because of his lack of knowledge, it makes the high school look bad because they failed to teach the student what he needed to know.

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Maybe the greatest negative impact of grade inflation on the American society is allowing people to get through life without much effort, which then teaches them that it is okay to not put forth much effort when it is not. All through life, people learn lessons. If the only lessons we are going to teach them are that it is okay to not care about education, then the students are missing out; and these teachers are very wrong.

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