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As you can see above, the Si-R B16A drivers side mount is closer to the front of the car. It is also wider, and beefier than the U.S. mount. The B-series mount is designed for a stronger motor, and I suspect that Honda must have put it in that location for a reason.

The other differences are that the passenger side mount, and the front and rear cross members are different. You can import the crossmembers, but the drivers side and pasengers side mounts would have to be removed and new fabricated mounts welded in. So, contrary to what you may have heard, there is currently NO WAY to mount a B-seies motor in the same location as the factory, without a bolt in mount kit or welding in new mounts.

Keep in mind, that all B-series motor swaps that use the US drivers side mount will position the motor closer to the firewall than Honda intended.

The B16A1 is almost identical to the 160hp U.S. Del Sol VTEC (B16A). The Del Sol motor does NOT bolt in either. Since the D-series transmissions are not compatible with the B-series motors, you should purchase the Y1 transmission along with the motor. If you can, buy the motor and transmission as a package, not separately. Some of the Y1s have the highly desirable factory LSD. LSD should be imprinted on the transmission casing, so search carefully. If a Y1 is not available, a 0- Integra LS transmission will work, but the gear ratios are not designed for the high rpm VTEC engine and will hurt acceleration. With either tranmission you will need to modify the shift linkage to fit. A few people have managed to get Si-R shift linkages from Japan and these work perfectly.

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For engine control, you have three choices. Use a stock Si-R ecu, which requires some wiring changes. Use the stock Si ecu, reprogrammed for a higher red limit and the use a external rpm switch for VTEC activation. Or use a Del Sol VTEC engine harness and rewire the engine compartment and dash to use the Del Sol VTEC ecu. With either the Si-R or Del Sol ecu, note that there is a speed sensor in the transmission that tells the ecu that it is okay to activate the VTEC. If it doesnt see that signal, you get no VTEC and a slow motor. I am sure you can fool it if you know what you are doing. The Del Sol VTEC service manual should be able to guide you through the wiring. This can be the hardest wiring install, since you are combining the parts from three different cars (U.S. Civic, JDM/U.K. Civic, and Del Sol).

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