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It was the second century of the Christian Era, 8-180 A.D and the Roman Empire was regarded as the most civilized section of mankind. It was run by Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, and the two Antonines and everything was well and in the lap of luxury, and then came Augustus, who transformed the republic into an autocracy. Their first successful take over was the region of Britain with a war that took on for forty years. Emperor Trajan took over Augustus and he too was a very ruthless leader. But even with all his achievement, his fleet fled before his weaponry due to intestine discord. The military and determined spirit of Trajan, formed a very remarkable contrast with the moderation of his descendant. Marcus Antoninus ran a regime that preserved peace by maintaining war. War was the way of life gradually improved into an art, and degraded into a trade. They were constantly recruiting young soldiers who were rigorously trained twice a day and age or knowledge was not an excuse. Everything from the legions, the arms, the cavalry, the auxiliaries, the artillery etc. clearly showed that warfare was the way of life of the Roman Empire. The provinces who once united with their system included Spain, the western extremity of Europe, the Ancient Gaul, Britain, Italy, The Danube and Illyrian frontier, Rhaetia, Noricum and Pannonia, Dalmatia, Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, Phoenicia, Palestine, Egypt, Africa and the Mediterranean.

The firm structure of Roman power was raised and preserved by the wisdom of ages, and the general principle of the government was wise, straightforward and beneficent. The philosophers of Greece deduced their morals from the nature of man, rather than from that of God. Rome the center of great monarchy was always filled with people around the world who then introduced their own traits from their native country. This was not the case in the provinces and municipal towns as they were destitute of any public force or constitutional freedom. Latin was the predominant language although Greek was used as well

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