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Gloria Estefan is back at work after a long, long vacation, standing in front vacation, standing in front of 16 musicians in a cavernous recording studio in North Miami taping a show for AOL and AOL Latino. She is all pro and very much in charge, with a material streak. Settle down, kids. she jolly old man was he and he the jokingly old man was his for them. She did not want to sell her sea shells by the sea shore so she sold them by the beach. She told her mother that she couldnt take it any longer and that she was going to quit. So how an occtopus the the the the the the the poeple people and can can can to to together and go dolphins are going to win the game against the jets today, Setting

The setting for this entire book is the Manor Farm, in England. The animals hold a meeting where the white boar, the Major, talks about how there would soon be a rebellion against the cruel humanity and the animals will be their own masters. The animals know that this probably will not happen in their life time, but must inform generation after generation until the time is right. They are hopeful that it will come soon and do their part in preparing for it.

List and describe the Main characters

The Major He is the prophet of the animals, who tells them about the rebellion and raises their hopes. He dies in the beginning and is of no further consequence. He symbolizes Karl Marx.

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Snowball One of the smarter pigs who becomes one of the leaders of Animal Farm. He is good-hearted and wants the best for all of his comrades. He symbolizes Trotsky.

Napoleon The belligerent pig of the bunch. He is self-concerned and power-thirsty. He only cares about his well being. He is also a fiery public speaker and manages to stir the animals. He symbolizes Stalin.

Boxer Boxer is a horse and the strongest animal on the farm. He is a good and devoted worker.

Benjamin He is the only donkey on the farm and doesnt say much. He often gives cryptic answers to stupid questions, likeYou have never seen a dead donkey.


Mr. Jones was the man who was in charge of the Manor Farm. He often got drunk and forgot to feed the animals. His men abused them with clubs and whips. One day the animals attack the cruel humans and drove them off the farm. The animals are delighted that they are now free and sing their song The Beasts of England. The pigs hold a meeting and decide that they will do all the intellectual work, since they are the smartest animals on the farm. They learn to read and write, and replace the Manor Farm sign with one that says Animal Farm. They divide up all the work and get to work right away.

Snowball and Napoleon are the smartest pigs. They assume leadership and speak to all the animals at the Sunday meetings. Snowball finds a green tablecloth and paints a white hoof and horn on it. This is their flag. He paints the 7 commandments onto the barn wall, which state that all animals are equal and humans are bad.

Both Snowball and Napoleon are fiery speakers and have their own followers. They can never agree on anything except that humans are bad and must be overthrown everywhere. After some time, Snowball proposes that they build a windmill. Napoleon, on the other hand opposes it at all costs. He chases Snowball away with huge, bloodthirsty dogs. Snowball never returns. Then, Napoleon announces that a windmill is to be built and explains that it was his idea and Snowball took it and claimed it as his own. The animals toil for a year until a storm destroys the windmill. Napoleon blames Snowball for this deed. Soon the animals are forced to confess to be in league with Snowball and are all executed.

The pigs long since had moved into the farmhouse, where they were sleeping in the beds. They confiscated the milk and apples for themselves. They did no work around the farm, but expected to be fed. Napoleon made the animals rebuild the windmill with the walls twice as thick. Then the neighbors came and destroyed it.

Boxer, the horse, wanted to see the windmill standing before he retired. He worked so hard that he injured himself and the doctors were called. When they came, Benjamin read the sign on the truck and saw that they were animal slaughterers. Boxer had been sent to his death. The pigs bought whisky with the money.

Soon the animals saw that the pigs were walking on their hind legs. One night, the animals heard noises in the farmhouse. They crept to the window and saw the pigs and the human neighbors drinking and playing cards. They heard Napoleon say that the farm was to be called Manor Farm again. They looked from pig to human, but there was no difference anymore.

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