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Rap negative or positive impact on society

Every since I have known rap music existed, I have been a huge fan of it. Some people say that it sends the wrong messages and are not appropriate for our children today. This is true in some cases, but all reap music is not alike. In fact, rap music has not always been the way it is now. It is a lot of rappers that are positive and benefit charities and concerts. The people in our society are so quick to criticize rap music, but never look at the positive side of it and realizing that there are different kinds of rap.

Rap has not always been the way it is today. Back in the 80’s rap was mostly about graffiti, break dancing, and emcees. Groups like Kool and the Gang made rap a fun thing. When the 0’s came around, a new group stepped into the picture, NWA. NWA created a new image of rap, Gangster rap. They rapped about violence, drugs, money, and women. This is when violence in rap lyrics first stepped in and put a negative impact on rap in general.

Violence…this is the first thing that comes to people’s minds today when they think of rap music. Even though rappers have been put in prison or even been killed in previous years due to violence and rap, there is more to rap than just violence. Critics have argued violence in rap lyrics for years. Arguing that it makes our children become violent and more aggressive, also not only our children, but some adults in our society. According to Syreeta Smith, her opinion is “’People have their own mind, rap is for entertainment, not to promote violence.”’

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It is true that rap may be a violent influence on some people in our society, but truthfully, if someone is in their right mind they will not take the lyrics to heart. This is where the argument, rap promotes violence comes in. According to a New York music teacher, Mr. Thomas Tonkin

“’People see and hear many things

and it is up to them to decide

what is appropriate and what is

not; the problem is some don’t

know what is appropriate and

what’s not.”’

My opinion is that parents that have raised their children right and have disciplined them to know right and wrong, shouldn’t have a problem with their child letting rap lyrics influence their behavior.

As said before, not all rap music is negative. There are a lot of rappers who rap about their families or positive issues. Rappers such as Will Smith or LL Cool J do not curse in their music. Even though they are older and have families, they still address that they do not have to curse or speak about drugs and violence to rap and make money. Critics do not bother to recognize this positive side of some rappers.

Rappers such as the late Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg, lead parents and critics to believe that the “rap game” is all about violence just because they have been in jail or resulted in death. People have to realize that rappers are just ordinary people and have their own mind just like we do. If rappers have that kind of lifestyle, they should not have to change it just because someone thinks their child is being influenced by it.

Some rappers even rap about how critics criticize rap. As it was said in one of the popular raps by Outkast

“I met this critic, I almost made her

mess her draws, she said she thought

hip-hop was only drugs and alcohol,

I said aw naw, but yea it’s that too,

You can’t discriminate cause you done

read a book or two.”

I think that those who are not big fans or rap are those who criticize it the most. Most of the time rappers rap about their feelings and the way they have grown up. For example, eminem raps about his past stuggles and things he went through as a child. Critics criticize his style of music and his lyrics because they say it is full of hatred. I agree that it is full of hatred, but he is just expressing himself and he has every right to do it.

If critics and parents don’t like or agree with this type of music, they should just not listen to it. I don’t think it is right to blame rappers and their lyrics for things that the youth in our society do. In America, we supposed to have freedom of speech. Therefore, rappers should have the right to rap about whatever they want without being criticized.

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