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POP Server Name

Your POP server name is yourdomain.com. The server name will be the same no matter how many POP e-mail accounts you set up.

Default POP user name

Your default POP user name is the same as the master user name for your web hosting account. For example, if your account login is myname, your default POP mailbox is myname@yourdomain.com.

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Other POP user names

All other POP user names take the form name@yourdomain.com.

General e-mail set-up parameters

• authentication on

• SSL off

• username must be set to name@yourdomain.com if not using the master account

• username and password note - user names and passwords are case sensitive

• set remove mail from server when downloaded flag

E-mail clients

A few years ago, when the Internet was first beginning to become a popular way to communicate, in order to send and receive e-mail, a person had to have a special program loaded on his or her computer to accomplish the task. As more internet applications were developed, especially web browsers like Netscapes Navigator and later Communicator and Microsofts Internet Explorer, software engineers combined the functions of e-mail programs into these browsers. The idea was that the computer user should have the ability to both send and receive e-mail within the same program that he or she used to view web pages.

Today, the two popular web browsers still have e-mail clients bundled into them, but there are still e-mail programs that can be used separately. One advantage to using an e-mail client that is separate from a web browser is that it is likely to have more features. The decision, then, to use an e-mail client that is bundled with a web browser or to use a separate e-mail client all boils down to how many features the user needs to accomplish his or her daily e-mail tasks.

Most e-mail users will probably find that the e-mail client bundled with a web browser is sufficient for their needs, but users who send and receive a large volume of mail might want to check out a separate e-mail client. For example, when I began teaching English 50B via the internet this fall, I was using the e-mail client bundled with Netscape Communicator. However, as the volume of my e-mail increased due to exchanges with my students, I switched to Eudora Pro, a stand-alone e-mail client, because it enabled me to more easily send messages to particular addresses. I was able to add certain e-mail addresses to pull-down menus so that I was able to save a step by choosing New Message and the recipient at the same time.

If you are interested in trying a stand-alone e-mail client, check out the e-mail resources page.


Almost all email connectivity problems are caused by users having incorrect settings. Sometimes this is caused by users entering the wrong settings information, and sometimes email clients forget the settings. Please keep your Hosting Activation Notice safe as this contains details of the actual settings you need for your mailboxes.

The most common problem our users encounter is what appears to be an incorrect password error. This does not necessarily mean your password is incorrect - it can also mean that your login name, your email address, or your account name are incorrect. The second most common problem is that users are unable to send email as they have used smtp.yourdomain.com instead of the smtp setting for their ISP. Please note that you MUST use your ISPs smtp server settings. If you are unsure about these, please contact your ISP.

If you have difficulty connecting to your mailboxes, even though they may have worked normally a few minutes earlier, please check your settings are correct and try again. If that fails to cure the problem, reboot your computer, recheck your settings and try again. If you still have no luck, wait an hour or two then try again.

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