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In the novel “Catch ”, author Joseph Hellar utilises the power of language to challenge the absurdity of war through satire and an erratic structure, whilst director Terrence Malick uses cinematic devices in his film “The Thin Red Line” to explicitly portray the brutality of war with a much more serious tone, juxtaposing the harshness of war with the exquisiteness of nature. However, despite the contrasting manner in which their composers’ viewpoints are revealed, the texts are related by the fact that, essentially, they both convey the same image that war is an horrific aspect of human existence which should be avoided at all costs.

“Catch ” was first published in 155 and in an era where most texts glorified the American victory in World War II, this novel takes a much more critical approach, portraying the absurdity which is in fact the reality of war.

Through its many twists and turns, “Catch ”’s unusual, non-sequential structure embodies the theme of avoidance and assists the reader to understand Yossarian’s plight to “live forever or die trying to”. The absurd structure acts as a metaphor for the illogicality and absurdity of war.

Such absurdity is also used to criticise the bureaucracy of war, such as with Hellar’s chapter of the “death” of Doc Daneeka.

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Hellar uses absurdity to ridicule the administrative system whilst also criticising it- with the illogicality of Doc Daneeka being declared dead when he is still physically there in the squadron “The records show that you went up in McWatt’s plane to collect some flight time. You didn’t come down in a parachute so you must have been killed in the crash”. The absurdity of the conversation between Gus and Wes emphasises this criticism further- “You’re dead sir” repeated the other. “That’s probably the reason you always feel so cold”. The black humour of “You ought to be glad you’ve got any temperature at all” again criticises the war’s administrative system and its lack of value on human life.

Another facet of war criticised in “Catch ” is the military hierarchy, such as with the absurd story of Lt. Scheisskopf’s fascination with marching parades. Scheisskopf’s desperation to win the parades is illustrated in the absurdism and illogicality of “he considered every means of improvement, even nailing the twelve men in each rank to a long two-by-four beam of seasoned oak to keep them in line.” The mock-heroic tone of “Lt. Scheisskopf’s finest hour” also ridicules the military bureaucracy and their ways of gaining recognition and promotion. The hyperbole of “the men fell out for the parade early each Sunday… groaning with hangovers, they limped to their station on the main parade ground, where they stood motionless in the heat for an hour or two until enough of them had collapsed to call it a day” criticises the way in which the insensitive treatment of men is the hierarchy’s tool for self-promotion.

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