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Importance of Emotional Response in Shelter Design

One of the physiological needs that humans must have met, according to Maslow is the need for shelter. In this article from Architectural Digest Brendan Gill says that “…the most important aspect of shelter-the emotional response it induces in us…is nearly always absent from an architect’s work”. While this may be true of some architects I do not think that it can be said about everyone.

Mr. Gill said that Wright had mastered the concept of shelter; his reasons for believing this were that Wright designed his homes with consideration to what way the windows and doors face, as well as the manner in which he designed the family room and where it was placed in the home. While some architects do not take these things into consideration it is my experience that most of them do. They make sure the house faces in a direction to receive the light and they try to make it as functional as they can for the family to give them a place to relax and be together.

Mr. Gill also states in this paper that the fundamental reason architects today build houses is to make a statement. An architect can still make a statement with the house they build, and at the same time it can still meet the needs of the family. It can still make them feel safe and make them happy. So even if making a statement is their primary goal, they must still be considering the emotional needs as well as the physical needs of the people who are to be inhabiting the house, even if they do it unconsciously.

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In the article he makes the comment that most architects build for show, and that they are unaware of what they are leaving out. He said that architects only consider the weather tightness, and whether or not it is capable of being heated and cooled adequately. He also states that we may not be aware of the emotional response , but when it’s there it nourishes us and makes us happy. And when it is not there it makes us miserable and unhappy. If what he says here is true, that architects only build for show and do not consider the emotional response that makes us happy, then sense it was not considered it must not be present and a great number of people would be miserable and unhappy with their own homes.

I agree with the statement that “shelter is so fundamental to the profession that there is no need to discuss it”, I think that it is just accepted that you need to make those considerations about what will make people fell safe and happy in their homes that you really don’t need to discuss it. It is just something that you are always considering even though sometimes you do it subconsciously.

In my own experiences with building houses we have used an architect and I do think that those considerations were made and that I am happy and feel safe in my home and I have positive emotional responses to my home because of the considerations the architect made while designing and building our house.

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