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Self Evaluation

The “I believe” speech was not a very rigorous speech to present. I must say, I was nervous and I did freeze a few times. Honestly, I believe that from now on the nerves will be as solid as rocks and they will not surface again. As I said before my speech, I was very sick. However, I still believe that I did do a mediocre job with my tone of voice, considering I was in that type of condition. As everyone does, I had my decent parts and my dire parts.

Eye contact is key during a speech. This is one thing that I had trouble with throughout the duration of the speech. As I looked back at the film of myself, it does not seem as evident that I was looking down. To myself, it seemed that after every sentence I looked down at my notes even when I did not need them. It was simply a security issue. It should be something that I can easily break.

Preparation of a speech is very important. Preparation is another thing I was lacking. I did not prepare as well as I should have. Ideally, I should have made my outline for my speech, written my introduction and conclusion, and memorized them. I wrote my outline Sunday night and that is all I did. A grasp on the material was all that I needed, and I took the easy way out and did minimal memorizing. I did not take it above and beyond to make my speech outstanding.

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However, there were some decent parts to my speech. Speaking well and loud is a must during a speech, but it is hard to do when you can’t breathe out your nose. I have a very loud voice, and believe that I have a “speaker’s voice”. I was always in the plays and musicals in high school and that has helped me become a better speaker, meaning louder with better annunciation. Speaking well and loud gets the attention of the audience and the attention of the audience is obviously very important.

Overall, I felt my speech was average. For next time I now know to prepare myself better and to keep eye contact with the audience. My tone of voice will be better, because my next speech I will not be sick, or at least I hope. I then can use my speaking voice and project to get the attention of the audience. All of the jitters should now be out, and my next speech should flow nicely. I feel confident that it will.

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