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The Teenage Girl Diaries is a powerful play about a group of three seventeen-year-old girls named Mila, Doreen, and Carrie. Despite their differences, the three formed a sisterhood where they meet everyday and wrote their deepest secrets in their sacred diaries. It was forbidden to share what they wrote in their diaries with one another but, they believed that they transferee the energy of their secrets when they switched their pens and pushed them towards their foreheads. Their sisterhood became threatened when they come in conflict with a rotten girl named Roberta who attempted to rip their sister hood apart with her dirty blackmail. As tension built between these four girls, secrets meant to be locked away were revealed, many strong emotions and feelings were released, and a compelling story of the past was told.

There were only four actresses in this play, but their was a great deal of talent. The actresses did an excellent job of making their characters come to life. Erin MacKinnon brilliantly portrayed a ditsy girl that annoyed everyone around her with her ignorance. Her moment of glory occurred in her crying scene when she cried real tears and strongly expressed her emotions. Michelle Monteith did an excellent job of playing a sensitive intellect, Nicole Underhay played a dominant girl full of attitude and Melyssa Ade masterly created a wicked bully with her fine acting. These four incredible actresses were very natural, had a lot of skill, and showed no evidence they were following a script. Their flawless performances made The Teenage Girl Diaries highly entertaining to watch.

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Unfortunately these first class actresses were hindered by the set around them. The Factory Studio Theatre had a very unique way of setting up the stage. Instead of the audience directly facing the stage from a frontal view, the audience was placed on either side of the stage. This seating arrangement made the play awkward to watch because everything was seen from a side view. The actresses were only able to reach half of the audience at once and the audience was commonly forced too look at the back of their heads. Sometimes the actresses were hard to hear when they were speaking in the opposite direction. The set was annoying to look at because it was on a slant and the bright green lights poorly complemented the play. The costumes, on the other hand, complimented the play very nicely. They added to the role of each character by accentuating their personalities. Erin’s MacKinnon pink spunky outfit complimed her roles as a ditsey valley girl, and Michelle Monteith’s glasses, hair braids, skirt, and jacket added to her role as an intellectual.

The Teenage Girl Diaries was a moving production which had an ending filled with irony. This play is very touching and displayed the power and meaning of close friendship. The play presented two messages to the audience in a very meaningful way. The Teenage Girl Diaries revealed that beneath the dark surface of someone, there is often a good person, and it showed the consequences of talking behind some one’s back. The play also demonstrated the value and importance of close friendship in a powerful way.

Although the storyline of this play is very unique and targeted mainly towards a female audience, this play is definitely worth seeing because of its outstanding acting. This play is not for everybody; it is common that most males would not want to see a play about girls who sit around writing in their diaries, but those who appreciate drama at its best will love The Teenage Girl Diaries.

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