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The ideas of the philosopher that you have chose for your essay are very

intriguing. You illustrate that Ibn Rushd or other wise known, as Averroes in the west, is

a very talented and knowledgeable philosopher and scientist. Although Averroes

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possesses many great philosophical ideas you must be able to organize them and arrange

them in their proper categories. Metaphysics, epistemology, logic, theology, politics, and

ethics are all categories of study within philosophy. You must rearrange Ibn Rushd’s

beliefs and ideas into their appropriate section of study.

Sourcing is a very valuable aspect of essay writing. Therefore one most

understand when and when not to source a particular fact or idea of the philosopher. It is

unnecessary to provide a source for the date and place of birth. Yet it remains a necessity

to record the source of knowledge when providing information about a specific belief or

idea in which the possibility that the essay or work may be plagiarized. The sources that

you possess within the essay are very adequate. Yet I unfortunately only found three

sources in which are www.trincoll.edu, www.arches.uga.edu, and www.newadvent.org. I

believe that the information you have in your essay is too broad and cannot only be

contrived of these three sources.

Quotes are also a major part of, and essential to essay writing. I believe it would

be to your benefit to include quotes in each paragraph or within each category of

philosophical study. This would better your chance of portraying the accurate idea or

belief of your philosopher.

Within your essay the paragraphs seem to be in no particular order and serve only

the purpose of providing general information about the philosopher’s ideas. In the

introduction of your essay you neglect to summarize what is going to be introduced or

written of. It is within the introduction that one must identify the main points and areas of

philosophical study, and in this case it is obvious that a thesis of any kind is not required.

Your body paragraphs within the essay seem that they possess a continuous similarity, for

example you write in the first body paragraph about religion versus logic and fate versus

reason. This is very similar to the second and third paragraphs that speak of religion and

philosophy in that they are in harmony together. Also, the fourth body paragraph has to

do with Islam and philosophy and their conflict and compatibility. It is obvious that out

of the first four of your nine body paragraphs I am only able to identify two main and

general topics or ideas that you have presented. The fifth body paragraph I believe you

are writing about epistemology because it mentions ones ability to rationalize and

understand, yet you refuse to identify these ideas of Averroes as the study of thinking and

the extent of human knowledge. In the final concluding paragraph you also neglect to

summarize the points that you have presented.

In conclusion the essay does in fact need improvement in different aspects of the

essay. I have noticed that you also neglected to incorporate your philosopher’s ideas in

historical and philosophical context. You have also neglected to provide a critique for the

main ideas of your chosen philosopher. These decisions that you have made will play a

great role in the grade that will be given to this essay.

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