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In the past, I would wait until the very last minute to study for a test. In high school this method worked quite well for me since I was actively participating in class throughout most of the semester and taking good notes. Now that I am in college this method is no longer effective for me. After trying different methods of study that I read on the internet or heard from friends, I finally found a method that works for me. Studying effectively for a test involves four basic steps.

First step is to ask questions. As soon as a test is announced ask question that will help you too studying effectively for the test. What is on the test? Is it essay or multiple choices? How many questions will there be? Will it cover lectures and or the textbook? Ask as many questions as you feel necessary to get a better grasp on what material you need to go over. Now that you what is on the test you’re ready for the second step.

Second step plan ahead. Figure out how much time you will need to study for each subject. Which subject has highest priority? How much time will you have for each subject a day? What other obligations do you have during the week of exams? Where will you study? Now that you have a plan it is time for the following step.

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Third step organize the material you must study for the test. For your memory to work effectively group together relate main ideas and concepts. Start by identifying key concepts and theories. Next, identify related formulas and explain the meanings to the formulas in your own words. Then, interrupt any graphs or charts in your own words to increase your understanding. Since you have organized all your studying material you are now ready to move on to the last step.

Fourth step apply the material you must study for the test. Once you have organized your notes, you must apply the information so that you retain it in your long-term memory. Rewriting notes, talking to your friend and family about the subject, and matching and grouping concepts are some examples of how to apply the material you are studying. You can also make up your own game for recalling facts and to match and group concepts.

Waiting till the night before the test is not an effective way to prepare for a test, especially if you do not have a plan. Studying for a test need not be stressful, relax and take adequate breaks between studying. And Remember to follow the four basic steps to effective studying, ask what will be on the test, plan your study time, organize your studying materials, and practice in order to memorize. Following these simple steps is a surefire way to earn a good mark on a test.

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