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Picking the proper ingredients is the first step in making this simple dish. You will be needing a pack of lasagna noodles, half a kilo of ground beef, 750 grams of tomato sauce, one head of garlic, an onion, half a cup of butter and flour, a pack of all purpose cream and lastly cheese, preferably quick melt. Check the grocer’s shelf for a wide variety of these items.

After purchasing the ingredients, the second step is making sure that your kitchen has the necessary equipment for making baked lasagna. Find a pot that is large enough to fit the lasagna noodles. Next, find a saucepan, a whisk, and Pyrex. When you have gathered all these, you are now ready to cook.

Boil the lasagna noodles in a pot making sure that the water covers the noodles completely. Then add salt and oil. Let it boil for fifteen minutes; do not overcook the noodles. Noodles are less palatable when soggy. Next, saut� the garlic and onions in oil and add the ground beef. Cook until you notice a change in color, that is, from light red to brown. Then, carefully add the tomato sauce and let it simmer until slightly thick. For better taste, you may also add herbs and spices like oregano, basil, Italian seasoning, and marjoram herbs. Just pick two or three that best suits your taste buds.

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Making the b�chamel sauce is a crucial step. Melt butter in saucepan and add flour. Be sure to add EQUAL amount of flour, you would not want your sauce to be too thick nor too watery. After making the “roux, (butter and flour cooked together to a brown paste used to thicken and color sauces) add the cream and using a whisk, mix until all lumps are removed. If mixture becomes too thick, that is no problem, just add hot water.

When you are finished making the b�chamel sauce, you are now ready for the fun part assembling the lasagna! Prepare large Pyrex and layer the ingredients in this manner first the noodles, followed by the meat sauce, then the b�chamel sauce and lastly, the cheese. Continue layering the lasagna until it reaches the top of the Pyrex. Add a generous amount of cheese for every layer for a creamier result.

Bake the lasagna in 50-degree oven. (Setting your oven to the wrong temperature will lead to disaster!) You will know when it is ready when the cheese starts to bubble. When it does, take a knife, slice it into 1 equal parts, and serve with garlic bread! Bon A petit!

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