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To the north of me is Denmark, to the south of me is Switzerland, to the east of me is the Czechoslovakia, to the west is the Netherlands, to the south east is Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, to the south west of me is France, to the north east of me is Poland and the Baltic Sea, to the north west is North Sea. The capital of my country is Berlin. I am located on the continent Europe. What country am I?

I am Germany.

In Germany the weather is different. Their summers are mild and they have cool winters. Typical summer daytime highs are in the low 70’s degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, a typical daytime high is a few degrees above freezing. The Rhine Valley is generally the warmest part of the country. The coastal areas are usually milder than the inland areas. At night it is several degrees below freezing. The climate is cooler in the higher areas of the south. Moderate precipitation occurs in all seasons. Rainfall generally increases to the south. Precipitation is heaviest in the south, which gets about 18 cm (about 78 inches) of moisture per year. Would you like to live in Germany if the weather was like this?

Germany is the official language of Germany and is spoken by almost all citizens several regional dialects exist, some of witch different substantial from standard High German. Hello is guten tag, goodbye is aufwiederseham, thank you is danke, and peace is friede. Now I know how to speak 4 words in German.

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Did you know that some German kids ware ties, hats, short pants, overalls, long black socks and fancy shoes? The hats are green leather with a big white puffy feather. They also have a rope that is green and a flower that is red. They have a piece of leather that holds their tie in place. It also has a piece of gold that grips the top of the tie. I’m not sure if its really gold it might be plastic. Their color shirts are white. A German woman usually wears a ledarehosen and a white shirt. She also wares black fancy shoes. If I ever went to Germany, I hope I wont have to ware those cloths.

Germany is famous for it’s sausages and cheese. It is said that there are over 1,000 types of German sausages. Sausages are often served with sauerkraut and beer. Germans usually eat a large meal in the afternoon and a smaller meal in the evening. Each region of Germany has its own specialties. The hamburger area is known for its delicious seafood dishes. Cold fruit soups are another German specialty. Germany is famed for its beer and white wine. Would you like to try the food that German people eat?

Schooling in Germany is compulsory and free for every person between the ages of six to eighteen. Almost all adults in Germany are literate. Children begin their education with four years at a Grundschool (basic schools). Upon completion of the Grundschool at the age of ten, students are given extranet tests, the results of with largely determine where they will be placed next. I’d like to go to that school.

Children may then go to one of the several types of schools. A gymnasium is a traditional junior and senior high school. This type of school prepares students for entrance into a university. There are also intermediate schools. They provide students with high academic subjects as well as some job training. Other schools are Hauptschulen (vocational schools). These have fewer academic subjects then the other types of schools but offer much job training. Comprehensive schools combine all types of schools combine all three types of junior and senior high levels of education. Which one of these schools would you want to go to?

Germans love celebrations. There is nearly always some little town celebrating a special holiday or anniversary of its founding. Historical plays, parades, and pageants are often present. During the month of September and October, the Rhinelon celebrates the wine harvest. There are Beethoven weeks in Bonn and a Back week at Amslatch. Richard Wanger’s operas are performed at Bayrouth in July and August. There Holidays sound interesting.

John Sebastian Bach and George Fredric Handel established the great traditions of German music during the early 1700’s. Later in the 1700’s one of the greatest musical genius of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, carried on this tradition in Austria, which was historically connected to the other German states. In the early 1800’s, Ludwig van Beethoven invented new and powerful farms of symphonic expression and then researched new heights of creative power with his last quarts. Do you like their music?

Sports are favorite leisure-time activities in Germany. There are more than 8,700 sports clubs affiliated with the Deutscher sportband (DSB German Sports federation. Approximately 7 million people, nearly a quarter of the entire population-are members of a sports club, and another 1 million partake in sports independently. In all various branches, there are approximately .6 million people working as coaches and trainers, physiotherapists, or officials. At the 000 summer Olympics in Sydney, Germany was ranked no, 5. Some of the sports are skiing, tennis, gymnastics, and soccer. Those sports like fun.

Places to Visit are near Munich’s New City Hall in Marienplatz, a large square in the old section of the city. A scary place to visit is the Black Forest. Also a good place to visit is the October fest. It is a great time to eat. The October fest began in the 1800’s after a royal wedding celebrating. The house of Ministries in Berlin stands on a large square called Marx-Engets plans. The last place to visit is the Wise Pilgrim Church. Would you like to see these places?

The Rhine and its branches carry more traffic than any other European waterway. A Rhine-Main-Danube canal linking the North Sea to the Black Sea is under construction. Land transportation has been greatly improved. In West Germany trucks are competing railroads in the hauling of goods. German railroads now carry more passengers and goods than the other railroads of most other European countries. The Germans built the first-four-lane national highway. I think their transportation is cool.

Where I grow up I want to visit Germany. The German food sounds very good. The places to visit sound awesome. The music is cool! Their transportation sounds very interesting. Germany sounds really cool!

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