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Christmas, July 4, Veterans Day, and New Year’s Eve. Just some of the American holidays on Christmas we give gifts, on July 4 we have fireworks and on veterans day we might go to the beach. In every country they have there holidays and different ways of celebrating those holidays. How do you celebrate your most of the holidays in your country ?

In Japan they have thirteen different holidays. Which almost all are different then the ones in our country. Except for the most important one that we celebrate in our country as well, the New Year is the most important holiday in Japan and is one of biggest holidays in our country. Shogatsu, the Japan New Year is celebrated for days... both before and after January 1st. The Japanese celebrate many “first” of the New Year.... Among them are the first shrine visit and the first sunrise. Starting just before midnight, temple bells are rung 108 times. Eight times in the old year and one hundred times in the New Year , for the 108 sins of the Buddhist belief. Families gather from all over the place and welcome the deity of the incoming New Year, with feasts and traditional foods. Traditionally kids play games, but most of the games have been fading out and most kids receive money in decorated envelopes, a typical child may receive as much as 50 dollars.

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There are 1 more holidays in the Japanese culture

January 15 - Adult’s Day(national holiday) where they celebrate when young Japanese turn 0, now there legal adults.

February 11 - National Foundation Day (national holiday)a celebration to the founding of the Japanese nation and to show love for there country..

March 0 - Vernal Equinox Day (national holiday) where people go to Buddhist temples where people pray for the souls of departed love ones.

Golden Week - The week of April th through May 5th is known as golden week . During this week there are three national holidays. April th is Greenery Day, May rd is Constitution Memorial Day, and May 5th is children’s day.

July or August 1-15 - Bon Festival(national holiday) ceremonies honoring the dead , depends on what area in Japan either is celebrated in July or August , a major holiday honoring the dead who are believed to revisit the earth during the festival, much traveling is done by the Japanese because of the beliefs.

September 15 - Respect For Aged Day(national holiday)a day of aprreation to senior citizens who have contributed to the Japanese community.

September - Autumn Equinox Day(national holiday)to honor there ancestors and those who have passed away..

October 10 - Health and Sports Day(national holiday) a day to enjoy sports and the cultivate health of people..

November - Culture Day(national holiday) on this day they celebrate freedom and peace in Japan.

November 5 - Shichi-Go-San(national holiday) this festival is celebrated when young boys and girls are taken by there parents to local shrine to give thanks for there health and growth so far, and to pray for there future.

November - Labor Thanksgiving Day(national holiday) give thanks to everyone and each other for there labor and work.

December - Emperor’s Birthday(national holiday)they celebrate the birth of there emperor.

December 1 - New Year’s Eve(national holiday).

Those are the other 1 holidays in the Japanese Year.

One of the big holidays that we have in our country is Christmas. Most Japanese observe all Buddhist and Shinto holidays. Shinto is an ancient culture and religion. There are a few Christians in Japan , but regardless of their beliefs many Japanese seem to like Christmas . The Japanese like Santa Claus, colored lights, and holiday parties , to which they are invited to by most of the west foreigners and exchange gifts. In addition to most of the holidays that there are in the Japan calendar, there are festivals and feats held through out the year in cities in Japan.

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