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I have reached a state of thinking that has set me aside from most human beings. I now believe that I am free. I am free to think what I want and do what I feel is right. This way of thinking has come to me not by some sort of magical communication with a higher being but by a clear and concise understanding that I dont know anything. Because I dont know anything I cannot preach anything to anyone. I do not want to influence anyone, I do not want to convince anyone. How ever I am willing to discuss everything with anyone. There isnt anything in this world that is concrete, nothing that I can say is explainable. I cant even say why we wake up each morning. All kinds of scientists will tell you the biological or scientific reasons behind life and how we breath but none will be able to explain why we breath and why we are here. The same goes for all religions all will quote some sort of book and will quote every solid piece in it. The minute there is a hole its back to the unexplained, faith. What

most people dont realise is that human beings have existed for thousands if not millions of years (this is an assumption, Explanation later) and for some reason we have always needed a higher being to look up to, pray to, give thanks to. Where are the religions that have thousands of instant preachers. Why do all of them have to mean the following of one persons interpretation of a message received from a higher being. Why is it that most of them mean following blindly. Why is there no concrete evidence. I read something in a book once, incidentally I dont rely on books very often choosing to formulate as much of my own opinion as I can. The book said, GOD is NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION and I dont think he/she/it would be if indeed there is such a thing. So why then is religion so complicated and confusing.

Religion contributes to too many of todays misfortunes, misery, hate and discrimination.

I have no religion yet I believe in the existence of higher being or beings. I hate no one whilst loving as many as I can. I try not to harm and cause misery to none. I try not to be discriminated against whilst trying not to discriminate myself.

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I havent formulated any rules for the way I live as there isnt a need. As a human being I try to be as compassionate as possible and do the one thing everyone is born with and thats to be as human as possible.

To live life is to have Passion for living. To love life is to live life to the fullest. Live your life with as much passion as there are stars in the sky. The stars will not disappoint you as they are bursts that have twinkled years before you.

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