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It was my first day at school and I had no idea what to expect and then the Headmaster walked up straight up to me and welcomed me to the school. I was very scared because the Headmaster was very tall and I was very short. The Headmaster then asked me to come to his office so he could have a quiet talk with me. We went to his office and when he closed the door that was when I got very scared and when he started talking to me, I was very nerveous but then after I while I got into a quite nice conversation with him and from then, I started to relax and I felt confident in myself and just as myself and the Headmaster got into having a lovely conversation, a teacher by the name of Mr.Smith came into the room and asked if he could have a word with the Headmaster and I was greated by nice, ‘’Hi.’’ I was greated with a lovely, ‘’Hi’’ back. Mr.Smith started to talk with the Headmaster so I left the room so Mr.Smith and the Headmaster could have a private chat. While I was waiting outside the Headmaster’s office, I was looking around the Room which I was in and I looked behind me and this tall Boy came up behind up and I gave him a nerveous, ‘’hi’’ because I thought he was a bully but then we had a nice conversation, he mentioned his name was Daniel and I gathered that he was a very nice boy and then he offered to show me around the school.

He then took me around the school and the first room we went into was the trophy room and this room was filled with lots of trophies and there was loads of Footballers trophies, me and Daniel then went into the libiary and I had never seen a neater libiary in my life, the books we’re tidy and the eqipment they used was unique, next, me and Daniel we went to the Playground and at that time, it was breaktime so the kids we’re there, Daniel was showing me around the Playground but then these gangs of boys came up to me and Daniel and started calling us names, Daniel then said something to them in Welsh, I don’t know what he said but it made the boys go over to the other side of the Playground. After Daniel showed me round the Playground, we headed back to the Headmaster’s office. As we got back, the Headmaster came up to he and us thanked Daniel for showing me round the School. The Headmaster then sent Daniel back to class and the Headmaster called me back into his office. He then said to me that I would be in Daniel’s form class and all of his classes. The Headmaster then said to me that all the Teachers and very nice and if I needed any help, the Teachers we’re there to help.

The Headmaster then walked me up to my form class and when I walked into the classroom, I was frightened because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Daniel was in the front of the class and lucky for me, there was a spare desk next to Daniel and I was able to sit next to him, Mr.Smith then announced me to the class and then I sat next to Daniel, Mr.Smith then said to me that I wouldn’t have to do any work because it was my first day but I would have to bring equipment for the next day, as the day got nearer to a close, they got funnier and funnier and I could that I would enjoy myself. At the end of the day, Mr.Smith, welcomed me to the school and wished me good luck, from that day, I enjoyed myself every day in my new school.

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