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Jimi Hendrix learn and practice the guitar when he was growing up. He

wanted to express his feeings some how. He tried lots of other interments

before he played the guitar. He wanted a guitar at first but his family was to

poor to afford one. His Dad’s friend played cards with him every Friday. One

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day, his Dad’s friend was losing and he needed money to keep in the game.

So he sold his guitar to Jimi for five dollars. Jimi played the guitar all the

time. He even slept with his guitar. “ Jimmy always slept with his guitar . I

used to think of my competition not as a woman but as a guitar. Many times

he fell back asleep with it on his chest. Any time I tired to remove it, he woke

and said , ‘No, No, No, leave my guitar alone.” said Larry Lee. As he grew ,

so did his guitar skills . He learn at a fast pace. He could play the guitar

behind his back when he was 16 and under his legs. Only one problem stood

in his way. He was lefty at most things he did and back then if you were lefty

you could not play guitar. But he change that by changing the stings around

and just played. He was called the Black Elvis when his fame started. The

most know band that he was in was The Experience which made hit’s like

Hey Joe, Castles Made Of Sand, Fire and Purple Haze. I think his goal for his

guitar skills is to perform at the first Woodstock. Which he did and change

many lives.

Jimi Hendrix had lot’s of failures or struggles in his life. The most

important struggle was losing his mother. His father had drinking and drug

problems so he never went to drugs. Drugs went to him. There was no one to

tell him that drugs where bad. A other struggle was he moved allot because

his dad was in the Army. He never got to made friends. Even during 50’s

were there was still racism. He just wanted peace. He had 10 sisters and 7

bothers which made his family hard to live. They where very poor so Jimi dad

could not get him a guitar at first. But having struggles or failures are not

always bad. If he didn’t take drugs he would of came up with his most know

for song Purple Haze. If he was rich Jimi could get new strings very week. If

he didn’t he’ll be better at the guitar because he play on only five strings.

Racism made him write poetry and play the guitar for peace.

Jimi Hendrix biggest accomplishment to me is to play at Woodstock.

Woodstock was the biggest concert of five years. He want to make peace

happen and that’s what Woodstock became over the years. He played the

guitar to stop racism and the war. A other accomplishment was playing the

guitar better then any one in this world. Eric Clapton said “ After Pete

Townshend and I went to see him play, I thought that was it, that the game is

up for all of us. We may as well just pack it in. He could do it all. He was like

Pete and I combined and much, much more. Getting a commitment from Eric

Clapton like that is what I would want to hear Eric was very surprise that a

black was doing this. Not if he was racist but you never see some better than

Eric Clapton play in one of the most poorest areas in the world. I would be on

the growing and Jimi would be on the roof of the Empire State Building.

His accomplishments affected my life allot. I play the guitar because of

him. Every time I read 0 pages a night I wanted to play the guitar all night.

His solo’s , lead guitar, r rythm guitar made me want to play all day long. His

way of playing the guitar backwards and behind. He master it all. I still

learning how to play Castle Made Of Sand. It’s almost been two years. He

never repeat the same thing on the guitar because 75% of the time he never

had all the strings. He learn the hard way , no one to learn from. I had to

learn that way and I think I did great so far. I know how to play Metallica

songs and solo’s Nirvana,and every other band that I like. It was all because

of Jimi Hendrix. He made me want to play like no other.

Jimi Hendrix Accomplishments affected the World being making peace

posslibe. He changed many of lives when he played at Woodstock or where

ever. He showed that there is always hope and never give up. He made

people see that war is a bad thing. He made it possible by making others play

guitar. People still listen to his music today even me. I listen to all his songs

when I am sad. People still take a moment of there day when Jimi Hendrix die

of an overdose. 0 years later he is still remember by millions of people

everyday. He is one of the guitar gods. He was born to be a guitar god.

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