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This Book is about 4 Children named Henry, Jessie, Violet, Benny, their Grandfather and Aunt Jane. The children’s grandfather buys an old house that nobody wants to live in but Aunt Jane. Nobody wants to live their because stories were past down that a man named Andy had found a flintlock in the cellar of the old house. Andy goes into the woods and starts to fool around with it because he does not know how to use it. The people they meet are Mr. Cole, Grandpa Cole, Maggie, Willie, Sam, Sim, and Sam’s father. The mystery in the woodshed is when the children look inside the woodshed and they find a little table, a stool, a plate, a spoon, and a bed. Then they come back home and tell Sam. That same day Sam goes back with them to the woodshed and there is nothing inside. The next day the children go back to the wood shed and look under the bed and find a pile of dirt. After that, they get a shovel, start to dig and they find a staircase that leads to an underground tunnel. The day after that they come back and take Sam to the woodshed. Benny and Sam go down the staircase and find a box of ammunition and bullets. Next, they go back to the house and show Aunt Jane. Then Aunt Jane tells them about what she read in the book about the revolutionary war. Then The children ask about Andy Bean and the old flintlock gun. Aunt Jane tells everything about Andy Bean. She even said she liked him, but she was so excited that she said she would shoot Andy Bean because of what he did. Even though the children knew she didn’t mean it she was just tired. Finally, the next day Aunt Jane even said she missed him and she wanted to see him. So the children told Sam and he said that Andy Bean was on the Bus that passed 15 minutes ago. So they all got in the car and chased the bus and got Andy Bean to come back with them to the old house. After that, Andy and Jane greet each other. Andy gives Jane a bag that had jewels in it, and he said I got one when everywhere I went. Then the children have lunch. After that Andy shows Jane and the children a note that he found in the woodshed that explained the ammunition and bullets in the tunnel and the wood shed mystery was solved.

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