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Research Paper #1


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MDMA is short for methylendioxymethamphetamine. MDMA is a synthetic, psychoactive drug with both stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. (Cite NIDH). It is most commonly called Ecstasy. It can also be called E, Disco biscuits, XTC, Beans and the Love pill, just to name a few. It can come in the form of liquid, pills, and powder. Pure MDMA usually comes in the form of a crystal-like powder. Ecstasy pills will often contain other mind-altering drugs, such as LSD, MDEA, and MDA.(CITE) Ecstasy pills come in a variety of colors, and will most of the time have a name brand. The name brand can be anything from types of cars to super heroes. A reputation of how potent the pill is usually associated to the brand.

When Ecstasy is taken, it can give off many different feelings. The most common feelings are of empathy, openness, peace and caring, and of being in love. (cite7).

Contrary to what the mainstream believe, ecstasy does not make ones desire for sex stronger nor does it enhance sexual contact. Cite7

MDMA was patented in 11 by pharmaceutical company Merck as a diet pill(cite1). It was never tested on humans, never marketed, and likely never even used. Cite 1. It is rumored that the CIA used it as a truth serum in the 150’s, but no exists.(1) In the 170’s it reappeared when enterprising psychotherapists began using it as therapy for treating depression disorders (find out what exactly it treats). Because it gives the feeling of openness, it gives the patient and the therapist and intimate relationship where the patient can talk freely and touch subjects they normally could not. MDMA, at that time, was referred to as penicillin for the soul among the psychotherapists that used it. CITE

Most people who have taken ecstasy say it had a positive effect on them.


Because it is a stimulant, ecstasy not surprisingly got introduced to the dance scene and it became popular among the same people who used cocaine.

It was most popular among the gay dance culture, but everyone form high school jocks to middle-aged women were taking ecstasy recreationally. Because it was still legal, it was sold openly behind bars at clubs, and many bar owners were capitalizing on the drug. When the mainstream people have legal access to mind altering substances, the DEA usually will interfere to check its safety. And that’s exactly what happened to ecstasy in the 180’s. The DEA thought it to be possibly dangerous and quickly researched its effects.

They hired a scientist, George Ricaurde, to conduct research and it concluded that MDMA in large doses does cause some brain damage. It is said to destruct sertoin neurons, and with lower sertoin levels a person will be unable to control emotions, and possible cause depression and violence. Many scientists believe this to be untrue, and say Ricaurde’s research method doesn’t work for testing MDMA, and his conclusion is insufficient. This was enough evidence for the DEA, and in 185 MDMA, or Ecstasy was banned. Not only was it banned, it was placed in schedule 1 alongside heroin and cocaine. It suddenly became illegal to produce, distribute, and even possess MDMA.

Many believe MDMA to be the best drug for many mental aliments, including stress and depression (what else)

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