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n The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams Authur Dent is completely controlled by fate. Many times fate gets him out of a dire situation. The events are way to sporadic to be controlled by fate. This is shown uncountable times threw out the book.

Authur Dent is just a normal person living his life, who happens to be a friend with Ford Prefict. Ford Prefict is an alien from another planet who was left here by mistake. Being friends with Ford is the essential reason for all of the things, extremely lucky, unlucky, and unsafe, event, as mentioned to in this quote “Ah, safe, this must be some on heard of definition to this word”(6). The only reason that Authur is alive is because Ford forced him to drink three pints of beer by depressing him until Authur says This must be Thursday, said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer, I never could get the hang of Thursdays(4). All of this happens just before their attempt to hitchhike a Vogan ship seconds before the earth blows up. Being friend with Ford has already payed off. Fate is even more convincing when remembering that Ford wasn’t even supposed to be on Earth. He was supposed to be gone many years earlier.

When Ford and Authur finally hitch a ride on the Vogan ship, they are very fortunate all the way up till the Vogans find them and force them to listen to the third worst poetry of all of the universe. After the torture the Vogans decide to drop the two into open space. Ford immediately knows that they will not survive for more than 0 seconds, and the probability of being picked up during this time period is ungodly. Author asks him “Are we going to die” with a since of hope. Ford straightforwardly answers, “Yes”(5). This part of the book is by far the most fateful. Some how, on the th second of being in space, a passing ship comes by and picks them up. They are picked up by a ship powered by an unlimited probability machine, which means that this ship is capable of traveling at any speed. In fact, it is so fast it is in every part of the universe at the same time.

Many people believe that destiny is controlled by one’s god, and most religions are trained to believe that the only god to exist, is their god. Ford and Authur are of two deferent religions, so there is know way that their destinies could have been made to interact. Therefore all of the events, Lucky and unlucky, Authur and Ford take place in, are controlled by fate.

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Some of the minor characters in the book even demonstrated fate. One example is when a sperm whale is warped from earth to save the ship. It could not be controlled by destiny because an individual is responsible for it. The whale happens to be unlucky enough to be warped into space and to be slammed into the surface of a planet.

In The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, fate is demonstrated time upon another. The book could be read again and again and a new demonstration of fate would be found each time. Then again someone might argue that it is destiny.

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