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Colonization of new countries or lands has had various affects on the lives and cultures of indigenous people. Some examples in history where indigenous people’s lives have been affected by colonization include the Australian Aboriginals and the Aztecs.

The Aztecs, who inhabited Mexico, were invaded by the Spanish.

The Australian Aboriginals were stripped of their culture by the British and forced to live in a foreign civilisation.

The Aztecs were forced to pay a special tax, called tribute, to the Spanish. They were also forced to work as servants in their houses, tend to their crops in the fields and work in their gardens. If the slaves disobeyed the Spanish they had the right to kill them because their laws stated that if they bought them they rightfully owned them as their own property. The British didn’t take the Aboriginals as slaves they either slaughtered them on the spot or they separated them from their families and sent them to institutions to be ‘managed’ by the British. In these institutions the Aboriginals were forbidden to teach their children their ancient language and their culture.

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When the Spanish invaded the Aztecs their army had more sophisticated weapons and they had better thought out and planned strategies. The Aztecs didn’t fight back straight away because they believed that the Spanish were their god who had come to save them. When the Aztecs finally realized that the Spanish soldiers weren’t their god they fought back. The Aztecs made a tragic mistake, they captured the Spanish and many escaped. On the other hand the Spanish killed the Aztecs straight away. The British were much like the Spanish they slaughtered the Aboriginals without thinking. The British had no respect for Aboriginal religion, in fact most of the settlers rebuked them forcefully saying that their ‘Dreamtime’ was a waste of time. A lot of the attacks started by the British invaders walking on to an Aboriginal sacred site and being challenged as to why they were there, because the British couldn’t understand them they resulted in shooting them.

The Spanish were absolutely horrified at the Aztec religion so they ordered all their temples to be pulled down and destroyed, although they did let the Aztecs keep a few of their sacred places. The British ordered that the Aboriginals be forced off their land and farms, for the European settlers, were put there in place of them. They also, like the Aztecs, were allowed to keep a few sacred sites.

With their guns and armies both the Spanish and the British brought all kinds of diseases with them. The main diseases they brought were Small Pox and influenza, which effectively wiped out much of the population of the Australian Aboriginals and the Aztecs.

From the late 180’s the remaining Australian Aboriginals were moved into special reserves and mission houses. They were still forbidden to teach their children their culture and way of life in these places.

When the European settlers settled in they restricted the ability of the Aboriginals to move freely about their land.

The British also demolished all the Aboriginals’ natural food sources, making them rely on the food handouts supplied by the British settlers.

The changes happened in different places in different times for example they began in Sydney and Parramatta from 1788. In Cambelltown / Camden from the early 1800’s. In the Illawarra area from 1815.

However some Aboriginals accepted colonization and the new lifestyle. Most had no option it was a choice of either you accept it, you starve or you get the gun, this was a cruel way to get the Aboriginals to accept colonization.

Many Aboriginals became dependent on alcohol, tobacco and food and clothing handouts.

The Mexicans of today who are descendants of the Aztecs call themselves Mestizos. Today the Aboriginals are better known than the Aztecs, in fact they are one of the best known, but least understood cultures worldwide. Aboriginals are probably more familiar to the rest of the world than white Australians. Today many Aboriginals don’t know of their origins e.g many don’t even know the names of their parents or their grandparents � these are called the lost generation.

To try and understand different people’s cultures we have to look at their society today and their society in the past.

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