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Human cloning is reproduction without the joining of sperm and egg. Instead, in the laboratory, the nucleus of the egg is replaced with the nucleus of another cell to produce an embryo. The nucleus could come from the woman who donated the egg or any human � male or female. The result is an embryo that is genetically identical with the donor of the nucleus.

The Benefits?

Science will argue the potential benefits of cloning. Spare-part surgery, like heart and kidney transplantation, is greatly hampered by the problem of rejection of the new organ because it is not genetically identical to the recipient. If however embryos with the identical genetic make up of the sick person could be produced by cloning, the possibility of perfect spare-parts would become a reality. This is, at present, much closer than many would like to admit. It would also involve the destruction of the embryos produced, in order to harvest the required organ. While there is great potential here for treating those with serious disease, the price is too great, and contravenes the law of God. The end can never justify the means.

The Christian response to human cloning and embryonic stem cell research must go beyond pragmatic and even therapeutic considerations. Although the cloning a human being does not tantamount to reproducing the same person, questions regarding safety, and the commodification of human beings, with its attending psychological and social implications must be raised and given serious consideration. The replacement of sexual procreation with an asexual reproduction process is dehumanising because it severs the link between sexuality, love and procreation and is abstracted from the familial context. With regard to embryonic stem cell research, the issue centres on the status of the embryo. The Christian Tradition maintains that human life begins at conception, and that the embryo from its earliest stage of life is a human being and deserves the same respect and protection as other human beings. The ethical concerns surrounding embryonic stem cell research far outweighs the therapeutic potentials that such research holds. The use of embryos for experimentation that results in their destruction must never be countenanced by society.

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The biblical creation account presents the creation of human beings as the pinnacle of Gods creative purpose. After creating the world and filling it with living creatures, God purposed to create human beings.

Just because we can, does it mean we should?

A very large percentage of cloning efforts end in failure. For example, it took 77 attempts to clone Dolly the sheep.

Clones that do survive often have fatal or problem causing issues in their genes.

Cloning will create a black market for stolen or discarded embryos.

Cloning will stop genetic improvements to a species. This is because genetic improvements usually occur through sexual reproduction, which result in a mixing of the genes of the mother and father.

If we try to clone endangered species, then we will put at risk the females of that species.

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