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Knows bout her mum gettin’ divorced? Don’t know why she’s getting so worked up though. Wait, there’s more…

‘my own mother having an affair. Its disgusting, totally disgusting. I don’t think I will ever forgive her for this. For doing this to us or to dad. Ever. I’ll let you know when I learn something new, but promise me you won’t tell a soul. For now, I want to keep it in the family, you know, see if she’ll have the guts to tell us herself. Waiting for your reply,

Jaq xx

What?! Where did she get that idea from? She actually believes her mother, the wreck I saw in the bedroom is having an affair. How could she even think that about her own mother? And there was me thinking mother and daughter were so close, yet its clear she doesn’t even know her. How could she accuse her of something so…’disgusting’ as she put it? I wonder who she’s writing this to as well. Truthfully, she’s got no right making something like this up and then telling others of this ridiculous lie. To spread this nonsense without a shred of evidence apart from hearing one phone call, even though it is clear she didn’t hear very much of it as she seems totally unaware of the divorce stuff. Boy, how wrong can you get someone?

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And what is that constant banging sound coming from the boy’s room? Its ...

The creature emerged from the murky depths of the shadows. It chuckled silently as it observed in her slumber. His inherited aristocratic attire had grown shabby over the centuries, leaving him in rags, his cape reduced to a frayed cloth. Karen stirred, and the creature dispersed. She settled down, and returned to sleep. Slowly but surely, the vampire recuperated. He knelt next to her and moved his face close to hers. His pale, emaciated lips pressed to hers. The two flaps of skin parted, as his bloodless tongue emerged, seeking hers. Karen’s eyes began to open, as she returned to reality. Her lips divided into a piercing screech as she realised what was happening, her face twisted and contorted into a grimace.

“Muuuumyyyy, daaaadyyyy!” she shrieked. “Heeeeellllllp!”

The footsteps increased speed, and her parents burst into the room, expressions of worry on both their faces. Before they were able to catch sight of the monster, he disper ...

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