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Partial birth abortion can be very dangerous to the mother. It is a big risk that a person takes that can lead to medical problems. The abortion can lead to abnormal bleeding, as well as blood loss. In addition, post-delivery retention of the placenta can occur, which will then require later surgical treatment. There is also a maternal death risk involved with partial birth abortion. The women who undergo partial birth abortion have a greater risk of dying from the procedure, than dying from normal childbirth. In 18, 16.7 per 100,000 women died because of partial birth abortion. Not only are the babies dying, but the women are likely to die as well. To prevent these deaths, partial birth abortion must be outlawed.

Partial birth abortions are done as a medical necessity. Some partial birth abortions are performed for the health of the mother. If the woman is suffering from medical conditions such as depression or severe diabetes, the doctor may suggest a late term abortion. Pregnancies that are goig tragically awry can put the mothers life or health in danger. Moreover, later term abortions are performed if the fetus is defective. Fetuses may suffer from cleft palates, as well as cystic fibrosis. In that case, doctors believe that the fetus wont survive after birth, yet how are they so sure of that. The doctors and mothers should give the baby a chance to be born. Maybe it would have a chance to live, and can be medically taken care of.

There is not one good reason to go through partial birth abortion. Partial birth abortion is inhumane. Killing an innocent life is no moral and should be kept away from happening. People must learn to live and take responsibility for their own action. The baby is considered a fetus when it is in the womb. Therefore, people like to believe that the baby will not go through any pain. However, the baby is alive whe its body is delivered because nurses have claimed that the feet and hands move when it is being pulled out. Of course then, the baby must go through sever pain when it is being stabbed in the head, of shall we say, killed. If a baby was meant to die, let the baby die on its own at peace.

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