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1. Opening Statement

. New Macs

. Soundex Uses in spell checking

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1. Opening Statement - Cyrez

Alright I know im a very lazy person. I have been extreamly busy, and i have not put my baby first..(My baby is NT) I know it has been very slow lately. And I intend to change that. I just need to save up some more $$$ to do what I want.. So sorry If it has been to slow lately. I plan to start The NT-W0Rk Back up. And withen a month or two I also plan to start Up a webhosting company.. Haha its alot more expensive then what they make it seem like. Sure its $50 a month. But then you half to get the ssl certific and make sure you have a way to process credit cards, Then make sure everyone has there own I.P Address and then you half to advertise soo it gets quite expensive. But Once I have it going, I guarantee It wil be top notch. Hmm what else is there to talk about?? Im sitting with my laptop getting ready to goto sleep, Working on an E-zine that should of been done months ago.. I dont know what happened haha.. Well Sorry about my babling And on with the magazine. Enjoy...

. New Macs - Cyrez

Im no Mac freak, I always had the impression that they were way to easy to use, And i always wanted somthin more difficult, you know somthing you feel like your in control of, so I dont feel like an idiot you know?? But my dads gf bought one of those new Powerbook G4s you know the really slim ones that have the sick ass screen and such. Well im messing around with it, its pretty cool. I plug in my rj-45 network cable, and without any configuration, its online. Ohh and thats not all, I want to start up windows networking, so i start that process. And at the bottom it says To access this computer from your pc goto the following url.. I had this baby networked in less then a minute. No hassles at all. I was like wow Im starting to like this thing.. But its mac soo i cant. So i research OSX a little bit, and found its built off of unix. They call there version Darwin. And the whole o/s is Open source. So i guess Im starting To like this mac. What Can I Do? But dont get my wrong I still choose linux over mac any day. I just like the Mac Laptops.

. Soundex Uses in spell checking - BackSlash


Ever wondered how the popular word processors such as Word and Wordperfect

are able to provide the user with a list of alternate spellings for a word

that comes up as being misspelled? The answer is through a standard called

Soundex. Soundex was developed in the 1th century by the US government

with the purpose of categorizing similar sounding names in the census. The

idea was that it would provide a standardized way of determining if two

names sounded the same. Why this was necessary to the census I am not

sure, however, over a hundred years after its creation, Soundex is being put

to use in word processors. It works as follows. The word processors spell

checker is activated and an incorrectly spelled word is found within the

document, the word processor then provides the user with a list of

replacement words. This is where Soundex comes in. To determine which words

will be added to the list of replacements, the computer first determines the

Soundex code of the incorrectly spelled word. Then the computer loops

through all the correctly spelled words in its database and finds the

Soundex code of all the words. Then all the words in the word processors

database that have a Soundex code that matches the incorrectly spelled word

are added to the list of replacement words.

Rules of Soundex

1) Soundex codes are 4 characters long. The first character is a letter,

and the last three are numbers.

Example C000, P6, J50

) The first character is the first letter of the word.

Example newspaper returns N11

) The three numbers after the letter are numbers derived from the letters

in the word through the below table.

B, F, P, V all equal the number 1

C, G, J, K, Q, S, X, Z all equal the number

D, T all equal the number

L equals the number 4

M, N all equal the number 5

R equals the number 6

A, E, I, O, U, H, W, Y are all ignored

4) If two consecutive letters have the same Soundex number, the second is

ignored and its Soundex number is not added to the final code. For

instance, in the word errbl, the second r would not result in 6 being

added to the final Soundex code because r precedes it. Also, in the case

of the word ecgbl, the g would be ignored because it follows a c, and

both g and c have the same Soundex number.

5) A vowel can act as a seperator. So, if you had rar, the second r

would still add 6 to the Soundex code because it the vowel kept it from

directly proceeding the first r.

6) The letters h and W do not act as seperators like the vowels did. So

in the case of the word rwr the second r would be ignored and not add a

number to the soundex code. Just imagine that the h and w are not in

the words, thus the letters with the same soundex code would be right beside

each other which breaks rule 4. This would work the same if the word was

chg. The g would not add its number to the Soundex code because the h

is ignored and it would be following a c which has the same Soundex number

as g.

7) If the final code is less than 4 you add 0s on until it is 4 characters

long. If it is longer than 4 characters you disregard everything except the

first 4 characters.

Working an Example

Im sure those rules served to do nothing more than confuse you, so allow me

to show you an example that puts the rules to use.

1) The word is bark, so first we put down the letter b. Take notice

that the letter b is equivilant to the Soundex number 1, so when we move

to the second letter we must make sure that it does not have a Soundex

number of 1 so that rule 4 is not broken. The second letter is a which

does not have a Soundex number, so it is ignored. We move onto the third

letter r which has a Soundex number of 6. Since the letter before was a

vowel we do not have to worry about putting down two consecutive letters

with the same Soundex number. So we add 6 to our Soundex code. Right now

the Soundex code looks like b6. The b is from the first letter b, the

a was ignored, and the 6 is from the letter r. The last letter is k

which has a Soundex number of . Since the is not equivilant to its

preceding number, 6, it is added to the code. The code is now at b6,

but we are out of letters. Thus we fill in the last spot with a 0 to give

us the Soundex code of b60

Soundex Uses In Programming

Soundex can be used to determine a list of words that can serve as an

alternate spelling for a misspelled word. This comes in handy if you are

trying to code a word processor with spell checking capibilitys and want it

to suggest alternative spellings. Basically, you must find the Soundex code

of the misspelled word, and then loop through your list of correctly spelled

words while finding the Soundex code of each. All words with a Soundex code

that matches the misspelled word can be added to the list of alternatative

spellings. Below is a Soundex convertor coded in VB. I wont attempt to

explain it, but if you are willing to take the time to look through it and

find my logic, you can see how Soundex is useful. I know the code isnt

commented, and it would take to much time to explain each step. But as you

will see, near the bottom is the code for a command button click, it checks

to see if the word matches any words on a list of correctly spelled words.

If it doesnt it calls the function getsoundexcode which uses the function

getsoundexletter to return the Soundex code. Then it loops through all the

correctly spelled words and determines their Soundex codes. It compares the

correctly spelled words Soundex codes to the incorrectly spelled word. If

they match it adds the word to a list of suggested spellings.

Function getsoundexletter(letter As String)

Select Case letter

Case b, p, f, v

getsoundexletter = 1

Exit Function

Case c, s, g, j, k, q, x, z

getsoundexletter =

Exit Function

Case d, t

getsoundexletter =

Exit Function

Case l

getsoundexletter = 4

Exit Function

Case m, n

getsoundexletter = 5

Exit Function

Case r

getsoundexletter = 6

Exit Function

Case h, w

getsoundexletter = 8

Case Else

getsoundexletter = 7

End Select

End Function

Function getsoundexcode(word As String)

wordlength = Len(word)

For i = 1 To wordlength

currentletter = Mid(word, i, 1)

currentsoundex = getsoundexletter(CStr(currentletter))

If i = 1 Then

soundexcode = UCase(currentletter)


If currentsoundex previoussoundex Then

If currentsoundex 7 Then

If currentsoundex 8 Then

soundexcode = soundexcode & currentsoundex

End If

End If

End If

End If

If currentsoundex 8 Then

previoussoundex = currentsoundex

End If

Next i

If Len(soundexcode) 4 Then

soundexcode = Left(soundexcode, 4)

End If

If Len(soundexcode) 4 Then

Do Until Len(soundexcode) = 4

soundexcode = soundexcode & 0


End If

getsoundexcode = soundexcode

End Function

Private Sub cmdCheckSpelling_Click()

Dim spelledcorrect As Boolean

spelledcorrect = False


originalword =

similarword =

If Trim(Text1.SelText) = Then

Exit Sub

End If

For i = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1

If Text1.SelText = List1.List(i) Then

spelledcorrect = True

Exit For

End If

Next i

If spelledcorrect = False Then

originalword = getsoundexcode(Text1.SelText)

MsgBox originalword

For i = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1

similarword = getsoundexcode(List1.List(i))

If originalword = similarword Then

List.AddItem List1.List(i)

End If

Next i

End If

End Sub

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