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Reluctant to sleep, the older waiter means to offer a place to those who need a clean, well-lighted caf?to spend their nights, possessing the same nada philosophy of life as him; Ernest Hemingway the author states his feelings and viewpoints toward the old man through the role, the older waiter, to unveil the life of the elderly, losing the motivations of life and the motives to live for. About the same age of the old man who comes to this caf?every night, the older waiter simply wants to provide people, especially the elderly, who need a clean place with full lights and have to have themselves drunk with reasons or not at nights. As for the old man, he could be a representative of this night-caf?race, and so is the waiter who has sympathy on him; the old man is also the man with nothing, neither having the motivations of life, nor the motives to pursue after decades of work and family. When he retired, he soon became a member of the night-caf?race, escaping from the busy day world, hiding himself in a clean, well-lighted caf?at nights, enjoying a short term of peace, eventually having his minds controlled by alcohols. Responding to the situation, the refrain of nada turns to be the central belief and the philosophy of their life. These words are revised, based on The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6., and the refrain just shows us the attitude the elderly face the world, having experienced a lot in their lives. They have many things that are already deprived from the society and their family, except nothing, nada. Hemingway just tells us all through the mouth of the older waiter, and we readers are as the role of the young waiter who has a debate with him.

The caf?at night is as the clean, well-lighted side of the two old man’s minds where there is nothing but nada. When night veils the world, this place is the only one full of lights. It is a metaphor of the mental world of the two old men, the elderly.

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