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Solar Flares and Sunspots

Solar Flares are one of the most powerful releases of energy in our solar system. Solar flares are a rapid release of electromagnetic energy from a small area of the sun. Solar Flares usually extended to the area of the sun known as the corona, which is the outer most region of the sun. Solar flares occur when magnetic, and electrical energy is built up then released into the form of the flare. The frequency of flares coincides with the Suns eleven year cycle. When the solar cycle is at a low, active regions are small and rare and few solar flares are detected. These increase in number as the Sun approaches the maximum part of its cycle, which is approximately every eleven years. Studying the cycles of the sun and measuring radioactivity occurring on the sun can make solar flares almost predictable. Since solar flares do occur on the sun it is difficult to observe them. Specialized scientific instruments read and report radioactive emissions that are associated with solar flares.

Sunspots are an area in the suns photosphere that looks darker, because it is cooler than the area around it. Concentrations of strong magnetic flux make up sunspots. They usually occur in pairs or groups of opposite polarity that move in together across the face of the Sun as it rotates. Temperatures in the dark centers of sunspots drop to about 700 Kelvin. Usually sunspots last for several days, however larger ones may live for a couple of months. Sunspots are magnetic regions on the Sun with magnetic field strengths thousands of times stronger than the Earths magnetic field. Sunspots usually come in groups with two sets of spots. One set will have positive or north magnetic field while the other set will have negative or south magnetic field. Sunspots are not entirely predictable but scientist can usually give an estimate of when and where they will occur on the sun. Currently on the sun there are seven sunspots that are visible. The number of sunspots is always changing with time, there are periods when dozens of sunspots can be seen and there are times when only a few spots are present. Sunspots importance to people on earth, is that the suns magnetic energy is changing and it gives us the chance to observe how our suns magnetic energy can be compared with other stars and the earths own magnetic force.

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