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Who is right, King or Malcolm?

“Gentleman, I finished the eighth grade in Mason, Michigan. My high school was the black ghetto of Roxbury, Massachusetts. My college was in the streets of Harlem, and my master’s was taken in prison (Cone 4).” It was with these words, that Malcolm often introduced himself for public debates. One can tell by the passion and poise in his voice, that he spent many years preparing for his vocation as a minister and a public speaker which is why I feel, that Malcolm, who spoke very highly of his race and the essence of black pride had the right idea when it came to the struggle in America.

Malcolm X was a person who, even very early on in childhood, believed in speaking his mind. He often said, if he had a problem “I would open up my mouth and let the world know about it (Cone 4).” It is not only the fact that Malcolm spoke his mind, which led me to believe that he is right. It is the fact that Malcolm stood for Black Pride. Saying that we as black people should love ourselves before trying to love anyone else. While Martin King stood for non-violence in hopes of pleasing whites, Malcolm advocated violence, saying that the white man doesn’t hesitate to use violence against us, so why should we hesitate to use violence towards them?

Violence was a main part of Malcolm’s life, which should give blacks in today’s society the mind-set to realize that even though things may happen, there is always hope of living better when it’s all said and done. An example of this is Malcolm’s early childhood experiences, which provides a hint to his perspective on America. He often spoke of his childhood as a “nightmare”, which can best be shown by two examples; When a white hate group, the Black Legionnaires, burned down his family’s house and the problems with his own family. Things like this can often relate to today’s youth. From Malcolm, doing drugs and having a life of crime in the streets, to his personal problems that were evolving at home. Throughout all of this Malcolm stayed strong and hoped for a better future. It relates to youth today, because it shows that a person can mess up and do bad things and still make a positive attempt to get his life back together and get on the path to success.

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Malcolm X is a symbol for young blacks to look up to. He is a representation of a hard-working, outspoken, highly respected black man. Malcolm had the courage to speak the truth; the truth that whites didn’t want to hear, while Martin wanted everything to be okay and everyone to get along. Malcolm had a sense of righteous and fearless anger and said what most blacks felt but were afraid to say. He was able to talk defiantly to white people, because unlike Martin, he didn’t want anything from them.

It is because of Malcolm X that black people today can say, “We are proud to be black and we don’t care who is offended by it.” This may sound as an insignificant statement to whites who have never experienced the hatred and racism that blacks have. But for blacks who did not make it in the white man’s society, Malcolm X is a source of inspiration and hope that they can be somebody and that is why I feel that Malcolm’s word was just a little bit stronger than Martin’s.

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