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This past Saturday my friend and I were at the bank standing in line. I needed to cash a check and she just needed change. The line was really outrageous and she didnt want to wait. So she said, I guess I have to wait in this line, I would ask someone in line for change but they dont look like they have any money. I said to her, wow isnt that a stereotype. The people in the line were all Mexican except us. I thought it was really ironic that she would assume that these people had no money yet they were standing in the bank. After I made my comment, I just merely changed the subject without going into further detail at that time. I was personally offended that my friend could make such a stupid statement that was clearly contradictory to the situation.

I think the fact that I didnt dwell on the statement at the time, prevented it from turning into a heated conversation at the bank. However I did later address the issue after we left the bank. I said to my friend, How can you assume those people didnt have any money, and they were at the bank? Her response was, what they didnt look like they had any money? She said it so nonchalantly, like she didnt even get the point that I was trying to make. That kind of made me realize that I myself also stereotype people. Although I kind of realized it when we watched the Oprah Winfrey special on racism and stereotypes. I was still kind of in denial, however after that conversation at the bank when I was ready to throw stones at my friend. It was a little voice inside that said do you make the same comments about other groups and I do. I find myself to quite often make stereotypes about white, Hispanic, and African people. However I justified my comments with statements such as, well they think there better than us, or theyve treated us horrible for centuries, and they dont like us anyway. I now realize that it is not right regardless and the conversation that we had at the bank made me realize that.

This conversation also made me realize how prevalent stereotypes are in our everyday communication.

It is so prevalent that people dont even realize that they at times are making racist comments. They are so use to making these comments in their own inner circles, that they dont even realize how detrimental they can be outside of their circle. For example, let say the people in the line overheard my friends comment and were offended and they responded. They could of had a whole separate conversation with my friend that was full of obscenities and racial comments. I ask myself would that have been justified, I dont know. However I do know that they had a right to be offended and that is the main problem with racial comments. People dont realize that the things they are say are harsh and unjust. They dont worry about the persons feelings.

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Ultimately this exercise has made me realize that I am no better than my friend. I now realize that I need to make a conscious effort to avoid stereotypes, because I dont like it when their made about me and my culture. Therefore it is not right for me to try to justify my own racist beliefs knowing that they are unjust. That is the thing about stereotypes they arent valid therefore it shouldnt be hard for us as people to just let them go. Stereotypes affect culture in a major way its often like they are embedded in the many cultures in two ways. The first way is the belief of that culture of certain stereotypes about other cultures. The second way is the stereotypes that are believed about that culture. I give my permission for this data to be used anonymously for the purposes of academic research and teaching.

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