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Introduction and Kinds of Twins

Twins are multiple babies who are conceived, developed in the womb, and are born at the same time. For centuries twins have intrigued people. Twins are especially important to science for they allow researchers to estimate how genes and environment interact to influence our behavior, physical health, personality and so on.

There are two main types of twins Fraternal twins who are also referred to as dizygotic twins and Identical twins who are also called monozygotic twins. Fraternal twins occur when the mother releases two eggs and both become fertilized. Fraternal twins develop separately, have different genes, they are really no more than siblings born at the same time. Whereas, Identical twins come from one fertilized egg that splits in two. The separation can occur up to the 1th day of conception, around the time the egg is implanting in the uterus. Identical twins share 100% of their DNA and are the same sex. They have similar hand and footprints, but different fingerprints and teeth marks. A DNA test is the best way to determine identical or fraternal twins, blood typing and examining the placenta are less certain ways.

Identical and Fraternal twins can also be classified into 5 other types of twins. The first type is Monoamniotic Monochorionic which are identical twins that are not separated by any membranes in the womb. Monoamniotic Monochorionic twins develop by the yolk sac created first, then the chorionic sac and finally amniotic sac. The yolk sac becomes the placenta. So in essence each pregnancy involves sacs chronic and amniotic. The twins are at higher risk for cord tangling because they can get tangled on their own, as well as their twin’s umbilical cord.

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The second type of twin’s are mirror twins, which are identical twins. They have mirror image fingerprints, one is right handed and the whorls in their hair go in opposite directions. Around 5% of twins have mirror image characteristics, which is related to when the egg splits in two.

The third type of twin’s are conjoined twins also known as Siamese twins. These are twins that failed to separate completely, perhaps because they split very late in development. Most conjoined twins are also mirror twins.

The fourth type of twin’s are half identical twins also known as polar body twinning. Polar body twining occurs when an egg splits prior to fertilization and each half receives a separate sperm. These twins share 75% of their DNA.

The last type of twin’s are twins of two. Twins of two occurs when two eggs are released by the ovaries and each egg is fertilized by a different father. These fraternal twins are genetically half-siblings and share 5% of their DNA.

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