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The journey one takes as an ordinary man, might be all it takes to be a hero in someone else’s eyes. The comparison of everyday life to that of an epic hero may sound irrelevant, yet my hero, my Father, is a trained warrior, he believes in and follows our code of honor, family morals, and strives to keep our noble way of life.

Although length and complexity is the trademark of an epic poem, the most important element is the hero. The hero of an epic is a human being with characteristics a society admires and often wishes to emulate. My Father, has given his heart and soul to our family through out the years. And his strength and sincerity have won him the hearts of his fellow co-workers, making him a mentor to those who call upon him. My Father, a hero, is composed of the many characteristics of the epic hero. He’s attractive, and unusually strong and able, (he can open jars when needed!). He fights for the noble cause those who cannot defend themselves (his daughters); the preservation of a society (contributing time to train future heroes, his son-in-laws); honor (his wife of course); and the noble cause. My Father, like the epic hero is considered, in my eyes, better in most respects than the common man.

However, the hero is also in many ways the same as the ordinary man. He has the same longings and desires as any man might have the desire to be beloved and respected by his own people (in my Father’s case his family); the desire for some degree of wealth or material comfort; the desire for a family

which to love; the desire to stand out above his fellow human beings in some way; the desire not to bring shame to himself or his family in any way. The hero also hopes that the divine, God, will favor him and his cause. My Dad always teaches the right way of doing things, and expects us, his followers, to act upon what is good and not evil.

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The Epic Hero is found in many cultures, and regardless of where he comes from he will always have admirers throughout his nations. As for my Father, he came from a foreign country, where he left many followers. His relatives and friends have always supported him in all his doings, and have admired his accomplishments in a foreign place.

An epic hero is superhuman. He is braver, stronger, smarter, and cleverer than an ordinary person. The epic hero is on a quest for something of great value to him or to his people. Through out my life I have been my Dad’s number one follower and have always admired his courage and his perseverance.

The epic hero usually possesses a weakness or impurity not known to man. In this case my Father’s weakness is his heart. He will always forgive and forget those who have trespassed against him.

Through the battles of his life he has made more foes than enemies. He possesses the divine glow of a hero, leaving his path behind him open for his devotees and any person who wishes to follow his steps into the greatest journey of one’s life.

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