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Song of the Hummingbird is a novel that recounts the Spanish conquest of Mexico as told through the eyes of Hummingbird (Huitzitzilin), an old indigenous Mexica woman. In looking for understanding of what she and her people went through Hummingbird decided to confess her lifes tale of Father Benito Lara. A Spanish monk heard the confession of Hummingbird whom he thinks will confess and converted. Through the confessional process Father Lara learned about the conquest of Mexico in a different way than what he had been taught as a student in the university in Spain. He also learned about Hummingbireds high position in the court under King Moctezuma. This experience enabled her to detail many events of her life that were never acknoledged nor written in any historic chronicle. Hummingbird became his teacher. At this point Father Lara realized that the old woman had valuable information, and he decided to record their sessions. Through confession and their long talks Hummingbird forces Father Benito Lara to see the conquest through the eyes of the conquered, (back-cover). Father Benito Lara later comes to realize that all she wanted to do was get some understandig of what it had been like to live through the brutal devastation of her land and her people, (back-cover) in the time of the conquest.

Hummingbirds multiple personality traits made her a very interesting character in the novel. She had a good scenes of humor. For example, as she was in one of her confessions she told Father Lara that her childrens spirits were making fun of the way he looked. She was alos spontaneous and so unpredictable in many different ways. Her unique personality always kept Father engaged an anxious to hera bout what she had to say next. she kept him on his toe, but she could still shock him with her story even when it seemed like he was ready. At times she would tell her story in a third person and distance herself form the situation as if she was not herself but someone else. Such as when she is telling about the time that Tetla nearly killed her. Hummingbird could also be very outspoken. She was always letting people know how she felt, even if ment making them feel uncomfortable or upset. she made Father Benito uncomfortable when she detailed her fornicating with Zintle. In another instance she offended him when she descried how disgusted she was by the way all of his people smelled.

Hummingbird is the protagonist of the novel. Therefore, her life story played an important part because through her confession she was able to retell the conquest of Mexico. She became a very wise and self-centered woman. She also became a vengeful woman because of the her life experiences, such as when she takes revenge on Ovando for taking her children from her.

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