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In most of the cultures marriage has got a lot of attention. In many African culture the marriage is the pick of a persons life; threshold. Marriage is also very complicated and controversial. Cultures set certain rules and regulations about it. I think there are two kinds of marriages. One is the way that is accustomed in most of modern countries especially western, which is when two individuals freely meet each other and after a while they decide to get marries. The second way is what I cal blind marriage or a forceful marriage. That is when two individuals are chosen or arranged by either their parents or their culture to get married despite their disagreement. The latter is still being practiced in the most of the third world countries such as India, Egypt and other African countries. In Iran this way of marriage used to be a custom and you still can find examples in the rural area. In Iran is still a tradition that parents of the groom go to brides house and ask her parents for their permission so that their son could official engage their daughter. I need to say that in the past bride and broom did not know each other until that day. They could have known each other as neighbor’s boy or daughter but they were not friend in American version. That is how my mother was married to my dad. However within last twenty years the things have changed. Nowadays groom and bride know each other and if they are interested in marriage then they ask their parents to arrange it for them. Even though the procedure is still the same but at least kids have more choice. I need to mention that in Iran still parents do not approve their kid’s decision hundred percent of the times. However as the society gets more educated parents get softer and more respectful to their children’s decision. In my mind leaving the decision making to children is much appropriate but I need to say that all of the choices that kids make are not mature and wise and our parents have more experience than us nevertheless, it is not their life. I read it someplace that, the love is the product of a marriage. This is a bit hard for me to digest now, but it makes a bit of senses too. Because, what is love? Is it only a desire for a sexual act or is it beyond that? We have heard it in high schools how much kids say they love each other but after a while they break up. To me love is the feeling that you have towards your mom, somebody that you care about, respect and honor. That is why I say that phrase makes a bit sense because when you share your life with some one there is going to be a bond between you and some times that bond can be so strong that you could call it love. Alas, not all the marriages are full of love and happiness. People are different and it is hard to match them together. To me arrange marriage is unacceptable because I think I am wise enough to make decision about my own life.

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