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When people accept an ideal to live by, it can be a very noble thing unless they become so obsessed with the ideal that they are unable to realize their dream. Miller examines the significance of an ideal and its pursuer in the shaping of individuals’ lives. Willy’s ideal was to pursue the American dream. Biff’s ideal was to always be true to your heart. Willy and Biff’s ideals are different but still both are very much the same people.

Willy Loman went to pursue the American dream rather than actually living the American dream. One of Willy’s ways in pursuing his dream was in Biff. He taught Biff that in order to get ahead in the business world you need to be popular and well liked. Since Biff was an all-star quarterback, he didn’t need to worry about being popular. Another one of Willy’s ways of pursuing his dream was to stand on his own feet. When Charley offered him a job, like a child, Willy did not accept the offer and felt insulted because taking the job was like Willy giving up the dream. Also, Willy’s way of pursuing his dream was to have a lot of heart. No matter how much business was going down for Willy, or even when Howard fired Willy, he would still do his job and was still willing to go to Boston.

Biff Loman’s ideal was to be true to your heart. Firstly, Biff first finds out about Willy’s affair with “The Woman” in Boston. This is when Biff loses all hope for becoming a success. Secondly, Biff did not want to be a businessman like Willy wants him to be. Instead he would rather go out west and work on a farm. That is what Biff’s dream is. Lastly, He is the complete opposite of what Willy wants him to be, a thief. Biff stole things in the past, such as the football to improve his skills. Willy did not mind, saying, “it was good initiative”. When Biff went to meet with Bill Oliver, Biff stole his fountain pen that represents that he is a thief and could never be a businessman.

With their different ideals, Willy and Biff are still very much the same people. They both have a dream that they want to pursue. Willy and Biff want the American dream, which is freedom and opportunity. They both have the

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