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In the ancient world, philosophers were some of the most respected people. The main theme that philosophers are concerned with is knowledge and truth. How do we learn or gain knowledge? What is knowing and what is believing? And how do you know that something is true or untrue? One of these philosophers was Plato. Plato was a Greek philosopher who was very interested in the theory of knowledge and truth. He has many theories to prove a lot of things especially things concerning obtaining our knowledge. These theories explain what we know when we are born and our ability of wanting to know things. He related this through an important myth called “the parable of the cave”.

The parable of the cave demonstrates how people are chained deep into the walls of a cave. The darkness in the cave makes them blind. They cannot even see themselves. The only thing visible is the wall of the cave where shadows play with shadow puppets. Each day the same puppets are played. This symbolizes an ignorant person. This person knows nothing about what happens around him. So he believes everything and convinces himself that everything he sees and hears is right. He thinks everything is real. Like this person the people trapped in the cave are forced to think that these shadows are real. A person can break these chains of ignorance and escape from the darkness of the cave into the light of the day. With the aid of the sun, that person sees for the first time the real world. Then he can return to the cave with the message that shows the people in the cave how lost in the dark they are and that there is a whole world out there with different knowledge. And that there is a world outside waiting for them if they would believe in it strongly and break the chains they have.

If we look at the two pictures and what Plato meant, we see that there are two worlds. To him, one world is better than the other. He shows us that by making the better world filled with sunlight and the bad world is filled with darkness. By staying in the cave, he means staying ignorant. The inside of the cave symbolizes the physical world of appearances. This means that people who stay in this dark world are forced to know things without completely understanding them, just like the shadows. You watch them and you are forced to believe they are true. So when you are inside the cave you watch and memorize without understanding. Without knowing for example, why this is that or why this thing happens. For example, if you lived in a world where everyone knows the earth is flat. Rich and educated people and kings know the earth is not flat. Poor people believe the earth is flat because that’s what the kings have been telling them. They are forced to believe what the rich people say because they are ignorant and have no other choice. When you escape into the sun-filled world outside the cave you understand about life and about the world. This symbolizes the transition to the real world. So when you escape you realize how unaware you are for staying in this darkness for there is a whole new world waiting for you, and a lot of things are waiting for you to discover. Like one of these poor people get educated and learn the kings’ secret. This person went to the light and therefore goes to the other poor people and gives them the knowledge that the earth is not flat. If the other people decide to break the bonds they will escape from the darkness. And if they don not, they will be trapped there forever.

The two pictures have many symbols. First you have the cave, which is the state of being ignorant. It was painted black to show darkness and that people inside are lost from the right way and place. The world outside the cave is the world of knowledge and so it was colored to show the rays and brightness of the sun, which shows us that this is the right world. In the cave there is a shadow, which seems to be playing with little puppets. These puppets symbolize the degree of ignorance the people in inside the cave are in. these people watch this shadow without understanding anything. Just because of their ignorance, they are forced to believe that these shadows are real. In the second picture you see a naked person coming out of the cave. As we know, this person has found the light and came out of ignorance. The naked person symbolizes a new life. He’s like a newborn, naked as he comes from his mother’s uterus. He is a newborn is just starting his long endless journey of knowledge.

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This cave symbolizes the daily life of every educated person. For example lets say we have two people. They both know that objects fall onto the ground. They both also do not know why and they do not want to know why. This situation makes them in the cave. They know objects fall down but don’t know why. They are forced to believe this is real because they saw it. They saw objects falling into the ground like rocks and balls and they believe their eyes. One day one of these two people decides he wants to know why objects fall onto the ground. In Plato’s parable of the cave we see that he has seen the light. So he sees the light goes out of the cave and ignorance naked without knowing anything. While he’s in search for the answer in the real world, he learns that there is a force that pulls objects towards earth and it is called gravity. He learns this concept and comes back to teach it to his friend. If his friend believes it or sees the light he will be able to go to the real world. But if he decides to stay and be tricked by these shadows he will stay in the darkness of the cave. This does not mean that the search for knowledge has ended. He will soon learn more things like everything that has mass has a gravitational force. And then he will learn that as the mass increases the gravitational force will increase.

Another example is that you are studying physics, and when you finish the year of physics you would think that there is no more physics to learn and that you have covered everything. Next year you come to school and see that there is more physics to learn. You get shocked and now you would have two choices learn more physics and stay in the real world or say that there is no more physics and get trapped in this cave believing the shadows of your idea that there is no more physics.

So, going from this cave of ignorance requires a lot of energy and patience. Energy is needed for searching for this knowledge without getting tired or fed up. Patience is needed for searching and searching till you get what you want without giving up. And braveness is never getting scarred of what there is in the new real world because you might see and learn things that you do not like or do not agree with. So you just have to believe them and if you do not, you should search why they are true and do not give up until you have a convincing concept to what you are forced to believe in.

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