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The only way diplomacy can succeed is if Bush is fully prepared for it to fail. (Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy, Time magazine, November 11, 00) If President Bush fails to get the U.N.s help in sending inspectors to Iraq to find and disarm and destroy weapons of mass destruction war is necessary because we will most likely lose a large percent of our oil. Another reason is if Saddam is allowed to acquire a nuke he will be free to do what he wants in the Middle East. Because any man in Saddams position would want a nuke.

If the U.N. does not send inspectors into Iraq invading, it is the only option because the United States would most likely lose most of its oil. In the Persian Gulf War the U.S. got Saddam out of Kuwait but as he was leaving he blew up all of Kuwaits oil wells keeping us from having that oil until we rebuilt the wells. Now imagine Saddam has a nuclear weapon, all he has to do to disable the United States is using the nuke to take out our Saudi and Kuwaiti oil wells. This would disable us because our economy is low right now and people cannot afford the costs of not just gas going up but almost everything because a percent of our oil comes from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and many of our commodities come from oil, like plastic.

If Saddam is allowed to acquire a nuke he will be able to do what he wants because any other country in the Middle East that would say otherwise Saddam would just nuke them or threaten to nuke them, and no country wants to get nuked. Also the only other country in the Middle East with a nuke is Israel and they would never use them on Iraq because they would be affected by the fall out in Iraq unless Iraq launches a nuke on them first in which case Israel would probably say if Im going down your coming with us and retaliate with their nukes.

Any sane man in Saddams position would want a nuke. He wants a nuke to make sure that no Country would try to remove him from power or invade Iraq. If Saddam gets a nuke, we will never remove him from power because we may only use conventional weapons and soldiers to attack him, the same thing would go for any other country that tried to attack him.

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Since any sane man in Saddams position would want a nuke, it is President Bushs job to make sure that he does not have one. Its also President Bushs job to make sure he never gets one. If we dont do it then who will, and if we dont do it now then when and what happens when were too late?

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