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I’ve had a natural artistic ability for my entire life and I’ve been hearing praise for it since I was old enough to put a crayon to paper. I have the ability to copy a photograph nearly identically and create at least a very good likeness with a paintbrush. This is a talent which had been one of the few things that I liked about myself, it’s helped me threw bad times and will continue to serve me throughout my life.

Since I was very young, all the way back to preschool, I felt an immense and inescapable rejection from my peers. It seems now that it was so bad I would like to call it schizophrenia, a chuckle or mumbled word from anyone would cause my mind to weave fantastic plots against me by whoever uttered the sound. The only way I could seem to get any positive attention from anyone was to draw, so draw I did. I drew things I knew I could get praise for; dogs, cartoon characters, unicorns, dragons and anything else that may have been assigned in art class. Being that my art seemed to be the only thing about me that anyone liked, I worked on it quite a bit, and got pretty good at it. In the sixth grade I was introduced to a new kind of drawing, I’d always drawn from imagination but found that this new technique - still life - held the possibility for detail I could never imagine.

Being that I had always drawn from my own mind, still life was an entirely new concept for me but I found I had a knack for it. By this time art was becoming less of a way to be accepted and more of something that I like about myself, I didn’t care what anyone thought of what I drew, I enjoyed seeing just how exactly I could copy what I saw. It became fun, and it’s a characteristic of me like is my hair or my eye color.

Now my art is a part of me, it’s something I cherish about myself and I want it to be what I am known for; I want my name to bring to a persons mind, ‘artist’. Now that I am in college, it’s become obvious to me that my art is even something I could live off of. There are a million different kinds of jobs that involve the visual arts and although I have no idea what I will do later in life, I will continue to create beautiful images of paint, pencil, and ink.

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