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The cellular organelle that I choose to describe is the mitochondria also know as “The Power House” of the cell. The mitochondria have two different membranes the inner and outer membranes. Between the two membranes is the space know as the inter-membrane space. These membranes are phospholipid bi-layers with a collection of if proteins embedded into it. The outer membrane is very smooth, while the inner membrane has foldings in it known as cristae. This area inside the inner membrane is known as the mitochondrial matrix, which contains many different enzymes and also contains some DNA as well as ribosomes. The cristae in this mitochondrial matrix give the organelle a great surface area for cellular respiration which is the mitochondria’s purpose.

The function of mitochondria is to generate ATP by extracting it from many different sources such as sugars, fats, and other fuels by using oxygen. Mitochondria do this indirectly using Kreb’s cycle. This cycle decomposes a derivative of pyruvate to carbon dioxide. Other functions are to make steroid hormones and also manufacture the building blocks of DNA.

A great example of a medical condition that concerns the mitochondria is called MELAS or (mitochondrial encephalomyopathy with lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes. The effects of this are spontaneous muscle contractions throughout the extremities. Also drooping eyelids, memory deficits, stomach reflux, and difficulty absorbing nutrients. These are caused by defects in the mitochondrion known as the respiratory chain. The body cant function properly because the cells ability to make energy is reduced or even stopped. Then toxic by products begin to build up. This energy shortage leads to the many different side effects as previously stated.

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The antibiotic Penicillin is a great example of an effect antibiotic. Pathogenic bacteria can cause many diseases such as Tb, pneumonia and others. Sometims the bacteria in our body cany cause certain health problems. The pathogenic bacteria are not always dangerous. We usually have to be in a very poop health condition and have to have a lot of bacteria invade our body. When this happens our body needs help to fight the pathogenic bacteria. In the first half of the 0th century(1) penicillin was beginning to be used. The penicillin is effective because it prevents the bacteria from producing there envelope. It inhibits the activity of the proteins that are required in builing the cross hatched like mesh of the envelope. However the over use of these antibiotic is giving the bacteria a sort of resistance and they are beginning to not be as effective.

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