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The European immigrants who first settled into America brought with them traditions and beliefs from their past countries. These beliefs enveloped a wide spectrum of issues from religion to race and somewhere amongest all of these issues fell gender differences. A gender difference that has weighed down America since the time women first began working outside the home has been wage discrepancies. This wage gap has and is still plaguing the workforce for women because of societal beliefs are Howe ever changing, still exist today.

Women were considered as fragile creatures that couldn’t live or fend for themselves without a man. They weren’t allowed to work because of there supposed physical and mental fragility. Although times have changed and women are now able to work in what was used to thought of as “men’s work”(i.e. anything to do with manual labor, numbers, etc.) they are still discriminated against in the workplace especially when it comes to men and women’s wages. Women being paid a smaller amount for doing as much if not more work than their male counterparts is called the gender wage gap.

There are many reasons for this gap in wages between men and women. During the 1800’s for example, domesticity played a prime excuse for the wage differences between men and women. Advocates of this believed “women were only in these jobs to prepare for their future roles as wives and mothers” (1). A second reason that some state for the differenced between wages is that women’s contribute less at work since they have “competing household responsibilities”(6) such as kids and elderly parents; they work less than men then they would those earn less yearly then their male counterparts. Consequently, discrimination and sexual harassment also play a key role in wage differences. Gender stereotypes like women being docile and non-aggressive lead some people to believe that “women cannot compete as successfully as men for the best jobs because they were not properly socialized to acquire highly valued worker characteristics” (6).

Gender differences that are seen between men and women through American culture have caused much tribulation for women living in the U.S. When women finally entered the work force more discrimination was thrust on them because of their gender including the wage gap. The gender wage gap still exists but is slowly closing. Hopefully in time the ever-changing views and values of the U.S. will become equal to all and not biased because of race, gender or other factors that people cannot change about them. These solutions cannot occur however, without the willingness of the majority to see issues like Gender Wage gap as a problem.

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