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Approaching the front door you I saw that the roof was splintered and patterned with harsh frost and as it creaked wide the only thing that I could hear was the gentle hum of the old TV. There was nobody in the living room, nobody anywhere. I felt alone. Everything surrounding me lay untouched just like the last time I saw it. As I walked around I noticed the kitchen was bigger than it used to be or at least seemed to be, actually the whole house seemed bigger than before.

I looked through the passage way to see the cellar door. It was white now covered in dashes of black, and brown wooden marks. I thought it with one touch would fall to pieces. It didn’t seem to have an effect on me this time � although it looked much scarier I wasn’t scared. I opened the door and switched on the light. This was the first time I had seen down here. I was always afraid to walk these steps when I was younger, afraid of some monster which I knew wasn’t there. The room was just an empty space, a few cardboard boxes here and there but everything had been moved. I walked back by the stairs into the living room and turned off the TV and decided to go upstairs. On the way I went into my grandmother’s room. It was quite spacious with the bed centered in the middle and the dressing table in the far corner.

The long passageway ahead of me was narrow and at the top to the left was my room. It was small, and I had shared it with my brother. The light switch didn’t work but the bed was there, nothing else. Not that the house was an empty shack filled with dust and rats, it was still clean and people were still living here, well at least for a week or so. My uncle’s room had been repainted, and the picture of my grandfather remained above the bed. I walked back down the passageway and along another. The bathroom had also been redone up. Everything was new in here, it felt weird. The rest of the house seemed ancient compared to here, it was like a completely different house. At the very end of the corridor was my parent’s room. It was bigger than all of the other rooms and looking out the window you could see a view of the park. Although quite enormous the house was really nothing special and as I went back downstairs I noticed that the banister was polished to perfection as it always was. I sat down on the ugly grey couch, bored. I heard a car pull up outside, the keys rattling their way into the hole and then, the door opened.

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