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Job Redesign Paper

Franchise Tax Board (FTB) has announced the filling of larger numbers of Compliance Representative positions than they have utilized in the past to collect state revenue. FTB had been delegated to collect vehicle fees, child support payments, as well as state income taxes. New collection plans have been implemented due to expansion, so the must augment the staff to fill new positions.

If FTB follows the traditional way of hiring, there will not be enough qualified candidates to fill the needed positions. Traditionally, the announcement is made internally and is place with the State Personnel Board. Because the job isn’t advertised in the mainstream, not many external people even knew about the job availability. The external applicants who did know only understand that there is a title and a salary; the job description was, and is, vague to external people. Currently, no official Compliance Representative recruiting program exists to encourage a larger hiring pool.

Until now, the traditional way allowed internal staff rotation and promotion to gain deeper understanding of various FTB positions, as well as attracting more than enough external qualified candidates. The traditional way cannot create enough internal qualified personnel needed for this new expansion. Due to the increased demand for Compliance Representatives and the ever-changing trends of society, it is essential that FTB include external talent to meet its hiring needs and, in addition, maintain leadership in the industry.


Logically, in order to solve the problem of high demand for Compliance Representatives, the traditional way of hiring should be modified. To promote the agency, FTB can create an outreach program directed toward Compliance Representative positions. Intermingling qualified internal hires with qualified external hires will enhance the overall quality of work. The internal hire will bring past knowledge to enhance their performance on their new job. The external hire will bring enthusiasm, new ideas about society’s trends, and current knowledge.

By soliciting career centers at universities, and attending job fairs, FTB can market the Compliance Representative position directly to the segment of society that can best suit its needs. The outreach at universities will attract those without work experience, but with the eagerness and knowledge as a foundation for the position. The job fair applicants will bring work experience coupled with the educational background necessary for a well-rounded employee.

The confidentiality of tax issues dictates FTB’s expectation of a high level of ethical values among its staff. People may have ethics built into their character however, education helps to broaden their understanding of the importance of ethical behavior in the workplace. By recruiting graduates and professional candidates, FTB can expect that confidentiality will be upheld with a higher degree of understanding.

These quality employment prospects are being sought after by private industry, as well as state agencies. The creation of a recruiting team will enable FTB to compete with private industry for these prime candidates by educating them on the benefits of working for a state agency. FTB offers comparable health, welfare, and retirement benefits as well as being a strong, stable, and well-organized agency.

Enhancing the traditional way of hiring by creating a recruitment team to promote FTB will produce a larger hiring pool, as well as strengthen the agency’s ability to compete with the private sector for highly qualified candidates. Compliance Representatives are professional-level employees who receive many benefits. Marketing the position and its benefits to a wider number of capable candidates will ultimately result in a better understanding of the position. This understanding should coax larger portions of qualified college graduates into accepting job offers from FTB.

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