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Tolerance in the Dorms

I find our society to be a beautiful mosaic, of which I am a part, comprised of many unique and compelling individuals whose cultures, at times may seem odd and different. But we learn to appreciate them because we discover in the midst of life that understanding others important. Without some sort of tolerance, we would destroy all that we find challenging to comprehend because people generally operate within groups, and as a result we are apt to condemn others for differences we do not understand. Until we attempt to appreciate and relate to those differences, we won’t be able to generate the better part of ourselves. When I moved here from Venezuela, I discovered that acceptance is the key to understanding. Not only did I have to learn a language that was foreign to me, but I also had to adapt to new surroundings. Becoming a Girl Scout, I learned more about the American way. I was also the only girl of Latin decent on a soccer team made up of African-American girls. Although I physically looked very different, I soon learned, after getting to know everyone, that there were more similarities than not. I understood what Atticus Finch meant when he said, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” - To Kill a MockingbirdThe American way is to believe in family, hard work, and traditions so that, someday, one can achieve greatness. I only have to look to my grandparents for this and admire the fact that, with a third grade and an eighth grade education, they were able to raise six children and sacrifice to send them to college to get an education they themselves were never able to receive. They instilled the importance of education as a means to a better and more fulfilling life. In turn, my mother and father have set the example for my brothers and me by going to Texas A&M as a way to reach our goals, mine being to study engineering so that one day I can make a difference in the world. I love my family and life and everything that comes with that. We have a special family calendar that shows birthdays and anniversaries. It includes aunts, uncles, and cousins. I always skip to the best month, October. It’s not just my favorite month because my birthday falls in this time period, but because nine other birthdays take place within these four weeks. This is an extra excuse for family to come together more than once a month. I realize that if I didn’t live here in the U.S., I would be in Venezuela, a third world country. I would not know the life I live now. I would not have the same sense of being American mixed with my Mexican heritage. I know my values would be the same, but from a very different perspective. same, but from a very different perspective.

I have traveled to different parts of this country and other countries, and I discovered something amazing. I found that people just as cultures, though different, are equally beautiful. For example, if you compare a rose to a sunflower, which is more beautiful? The rose because it is more fragrant and delicate, or the sunflower because it is bright and follows the sun? Like everything else, it depends on your perspective.

I feel privileged to come from a background rich in family, love, and hard work; but also very accepting of differences. I am a part of that mosaic which makes life more appealing.


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