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Ass My talent involves playing a musical instrument that I had since I was years old. I

am a pianist. When I was years old, my mom started teaching me on how to play the

piano. I didn’t know what was a piano. All I knew at the time was that it looked like a

huge box with white and black keys on its edge. When my mom started playing the

live paper help

piano, I was immediately addicted to playing the piano. Now when I play the piano, I

have to feel the flow of the music before I can play it. It takes a well-trained hand-eye

coordination to play a musical piece. Playing the piano gave me more incentive to do

well in school and be a positive role model. After playing the piano for 14 years, I have

truly learned values that are required to play the piano and become a responsible member

of society. Hopefully, I will get to share my talent with the University of California.. Is there anything you would like us to know about you or your academic record that

you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in this application?

I have an addiction to cheese. I love cheese. Cheese is one of my favorite snacks and my pet peeve. Some people say that I am a cheese fanatic.

1. How have you taken advantage of the educational opportunities you have had to

prepare for college?

I believe that my experience in Rowland High School has taught me the prerequisites

of handling college labor. My English teacher taught me how to write a better essay when

I got a poor grade on an assignment. She told me that people needed to strengthen their

weaknesses in order to improve themselves. She started tutoring me at an after school

program our high school. I had to train my brain to think in another level instead of being

stubborn. When I started to practice on the techniques of writing a well-structured essay,

I wrote in my journal every day to monitor my progress. I started adding more comments

to my journal and eventually had to buy another composition book to write all my

thoughts. After I applied the well-structured essay to my class work, my grades changed

dramatically. I still went to the after school program to improve on my other flaws.

I was given harder assignments during the tutoring session so I can be proficient with

writing essays. I applied those methods of absorbing information to my other classes and

allowed me to become a better student. My Algebra II grades were skyrocketing and I

managed to pull my Biology grade up a letter grade. High school has taught me how to


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