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In the movie Educating Rita Susan - a working class woman turned student - tells Frank - her drunken professor - of how tempted she was when accosted with a Are you fond of Ferlinghetti? by another professor while browsing through a book by Ferlinghetti at the library to answer Only with parmasan and cheese. with a cockney accent.

I am reminded of the scene reading a New York Times article about the 50-year anniversary of the bookstore City Lights founded by the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti who was part of the Beat generation in the fifties.

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In an interview Ferlinghetti said It is really much more interesting today than in the 50s. There have been all this mythologizing of the 50s and the Beat generation in San Francisco and so forth, but it has been wildly overdone, because it was a really depressive period, I thought, on account of the general repressive atmosphere and the political climate. Insert reference to George Bush and John Ashcroft here.It is nostalgia, but also, the world and especially America, needs the Beat message these days, this technocratic age, this pragmatic age, this materialist and militarist age. Everything the Beats stood for is opposed to that.

At this point I was nodding my head in agreement only to realise that what Ferlighetti calls technocratic is probably what I with a smile call the future.

Static and Dynamic Characters in Great Expectations “Joe” is a very simple name. So, in relation to that, Joe in Great Expectations is a simple, good and moral character. Joe does not change at all in the book. He begins the book showing his good nature and generosity when, after supposedly being robbed by the convict, he was happy that the convict did not starve. And in the middle of the book, after all Pip had done to him after he became a “gentleman”, Joe was still loving and affectionate towards him when he became ill. Also, throughout the book, Joe was proud to be who he was. He never wanted any property or money. Even when Mr. Jaggers offered him money because he would not have Pip as his apprentice anymore, he did not accept it. In contrast, Estella is a very dynamic character; she goes from being a girl with a heart of ice to a sensitive woman, although the change in her takes place late in the book. At the start of the book Estella is very mean and insulting to Pip. This is not her own nature, and that is why it is possible for her to change into a better person. Estella was brought up by Miss Havisham to crush the hearts of all men, so that is what she does to Pip. Since Miss Havisham is the only family Estella has ever known, she is bound to her. Since she is bound to Miss Havisham, she is obligated to serve as her tool of vengeance. But, when Miss Havisham dies, that bond is gone and more of Estella’s true nature can come out. Since Estella is, at heart, a well-meaning person, she does soften up. This occurs after she has experienced hard times as Bentley Drummle’s wife, wich forces her to convert, and her cruel personality is finally destroyed by her true nature. At the end of the book Pip realizes that she has changed and thinks ...what I had never seen before, was the saddened softened light of the once proud eyes; what I had never felt before, was the friendly touch of the once insensible hand.

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