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Nonverbal communication is a system of cultural codes. What are those codes? The first one is that we communicate constantly nonverbally. Next, our code has certain properties. Also we communicate without conscious thought. Furthermore, communication does not have the same relatively stable, generally understood relationship to meaning. And lastly, there is no standard relationship between nonverbal and the meaning. There are two behaviors that go along with nonverbal communication that we need to understand so we can really understand nonverbal.

The first is explicit behavior. This is when tone of voice, voice inflection and pitch are used to get a point across without actually saying a real dictionary word. The second is implicit behavior. Here the message is implied within it or embedded in the nonverbal. With implicit behavior there are five categories that I find very interesting.

First we have the emblem. With this the behavior has a distinct meaning to it. An example would be when the host at the restaurant motioned his arm in the direction of our table where he wanted us to sit. We knew he wanted us to go to a certain table because he motioned to an empty table. The second is illustrator. This functions as an emphasis or it brings attention to the verbal. A good example is when you talk louder when you are angry to show how angry you really are. The third is affect display. Affect display is the function of changing your feelings and showing that through your expressions. My example is when I told my wife I loved her I was smiling and when she said me too I was not sure how to react but I felt a little sad so I started to frown. The forth is regulator. This is where you change your pace, pitch, tone or pause to let the person know when to start or stop. Basically I did this a lot during my conversation when I would ask my wife questions which let her know I was done talking and I wanted her to start answering. The fifth and last one is adapter. With this you physically adapt you body to the situation. I did this throughout our conversation when I would lean in closer to show I was very interested in what my wife would say.

It is very fascinating that one man or woman can have so much to say and not say it verbally but say it through implicit nonverbal communication.

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